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stain spotting charges

Posted by md_cleaning (md_cleaning), 13 February 2004
What do you charge for spot removal when it's just that and not a whole room clean? Huh
Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 13 February 2004
i use a minumum charge policy for stain removal ie a set rate for an amount of time and then a different rate after that
am i doing right by this
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 13 February 2004

Like Lee I operate on a minimum charge of 48.00 (My minimum for a given radius from base)  which will give me an hour on site..

I then charge at an hourly rate....usually you can, by talking to the customer, get to clean the whole room...'to achieve an overall appearance'

If it is a new carpet then this will obviously not apply but if the stain removal treatment is effective you could sell a protector!

Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 13 February 2004

I charge a minimum 75 + VAT for a stain removal visit. Bear in mind my prices have some London weighting factored in.

There are some more risky and difficult stain removal jobs where I have no hesitation in charging more. For example yesterday I treated some water damaged custom made silk moire fabric walling. As I aged 10 years during the job I thought it worth more than 75.

To a certain degree you can view stain removal visits as a paid sales call. Impress the customer with your skills and get paid to do it. Then they will give you a proper (well paid) full clean. I used to do this until I found that I was getting so many stain removal jobs I could not fit in the carpet cleans.

I started to like stain removal jobs when I bought my first spot pro from Prochem 5 years ago. Prior to that we were lugging full size portables or running truckmount hoses in to rinse 1 stain. Recently I have bought an Ashby's spotting machine with internal heat exchanger. Expensive but a fantastic piece of kit for stain removal!!

The worst thing about stain removal visits is taking the money when you can't remove the stain Embarassed


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