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new unger bucket is not as good as old one

Posted by Rick (Rick), 23 October 2003
to be honest the new style unger bucket on a belt is worse than the old one for getting your leg wet. i'm careful in putting the applicator away. with the old one i never got wet at all, with the new one it feels wet. the new bucket looks better, as if that matters, and is better for left handers. but it has sacrificed what made the original unger bucket on a belt so good, and also made it the best selling bucket by miles, (the ettore bucket is crap. and pullex should just be ashamed of themselves with thier current offering). nevermind the fact that it didn't really catter for left handers, cause they all adjusted. i myself am left handed and have benefitted from having the bucket on my right side and being ambidexterous

its amazing how absolutely no genuine windowcleaning thought has gone into designing this new bucket. the only real problem (and, yes, it is a big problem) is the fact that the applicator slumps forward onto the edge, near the scraper holder. and the edge of the bucket squeezes the water out of the applicator, and then the water runs down the bucket and onto your leg. so, because unger have made the bucket as big as possible for holding more water, the applicator is able to move around. it isn't fixed in one position like the old one. infact, if unger had made an 'inner' holding sheath, they could still have had the same volume of water in the bucket without the edge of the bucket squeezing water out so that it dribbles down onto your leg

and on a "built in obselesence" note, unger have surely shot themselves in the foot with this new bucket. as we all know, on the old style bucket, the part where the squeegee was held wore away quite quickly. and then, after about 3-5 years we all went and bought another one. but with the new one there isn't really anything that will wear away, cause the holder works more like the ettore one (except, unlike the ettore, it works. and doesn't rattle around ammateurishly). so, if i keep on using the new style unger bucket, i won't ever have to replace it. and therefore, once unger have sold everyone a bucket, they will only ever sell them again to new windowcleaners (if they also want a wet leg)

having said all this, i can actually modify the bucket myself. by welding another piece of plastic on the inside to stop the applicator from slumping forward onto the edge. i've jigsawed old style unger buckets in the past for left handers (by sawing the scraper holder off and then cutting a symetrical applicator groove in the other side). by the way, does this forum support image linking? or even html?

i'm even considering getting a molding machine and designing a bucket myself. which will be a bucket designed and tested by a proper windowcleaner. i'd even offer a shorter size for 14 inch applicators
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 23 October 2003
Have you been in touch with Unger and told them this Huh
I have spoken  to them about it , if enough window cleaners let them know what they think they might do something about it , after all its us who pay there wages  Cool
Posted by Rick (Rick), 24 October 2003
i don't think it matters how many people "told" them about this. we gotta make our own. just think of all the plastic companies in this countryHuh?? and we got unger making its stuff in germany?! its like selling tea to china!! it would be sooooooo easy for some guy like me to start producing a really great bucket on a belt, with window cleaners thoughts in mind and stuff. i'll try and get a blueprint online as soon as

and i've just sent them (unger) the above message. though what it will accomplish i don't know. prolly nothing
Posted by samm (samm), 24 October 2003
If any ones got a good idea on what can be done that looks tidy to cover the applicator hole let us know please, I have been trying to think of a way to stop getting a wet leg.

sounds like everyone with the new unger BoaB has same problem.

Posted by Rick (Rick), 24 October 2003
what do you mean "the applicator hole". its really the fact that the applicator is allowed to slump forward, not the  "hole" as you call it. i don't discriminate against left handers, as i am one. but i just like right handed buckets and stuff cause i use both hands
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 24 October 2003
Rick I know what you mean even though I dont have the  new one  I`ve had similar problems with others. I cut a brush handle down put the wood in the applicator handle so I can now stick it in the ladder rung. It means I still have to carry applicator up and down the ladder (sometimes I`ll leave in top of the ladder if doing another upstairs window ) but it does leave your hands free up the ladder. I know this defeats the point of it but it does mean I can use the B on a B to hold extra water (wet leg?!).The extra length on T-bar handle can also be a bit fiddly. Is the new Ungers made for 18'' applicator or does a 14'' reach the bottom of it ? This is the case with the Pulex which I agree isn`t very good. Good luck with your design, sounds like you have some good ideas.   Gerry.
Posted by Ken (Ken), 24 October 2003
I customised my BoB with abit of lino and some super glue. Stops the worst of BoB leg.
Another point re unger BoB is that the webbing does seem to pull over the attachment rivet thing. I have returned one already because it kept falling off the webbing - annoying at gound level, potentially deadly up a ladder. My replacement looks to be going the same way! (I'm not that hard on kit, I don't think!)

Rick if you're looking to produce your own design of BoB my Bro-in-law has a lot of contacts in the plastics world, particularly recycled plastic (just think of it, Eco-BoB!). If you any numbers give me a mail.
Posted by Rick (Rick), 26 October 2003
had a reply from unger, which was quite good of them really.

Dear Richard

Thank you for your e-mail.  We are aware that some users have
experienced difficulties with the new Bucket On A Belt - similar to
those you have mentioned, although many Window Cleaners prefer the new
version over the original.  In fact, sales of our new Bucket On A Belt
have exceeded that of the original!

Due to the lasting popularity of the first and original design that
started the trend for hip buckets, we decided to re-introduce it earlier
this year
and give window cleaners the choice of which they prefer.  The new 2004
Unger Price List will offer both NEW & ORIGINAL versions.  The original
is available now from your local Unger stockist.

Your comments will be passed to our marketing department. Should you
have any further comments or require information don't hesitate to
contact me at the address below.            

Kind regards,
Dave Rogers
General Manager

Unger UK Ltd.
Tel: (+44) 0121 520 3200
Fax: (+44) 0121 520 3900
Mobile: (+44) 07774 155205

Unger UK Ltd. 35 Bloomfield Park, Tipton, DY4 9AH, UK

well, he says the original one is available. but i haven't seen it anywhere. anyone else find one?

Posted by Rick (Rick), 26 October 2003
just for those of you who may be interested. i've done a small modification on the new style bucket on a belt. i got one of those small plastic cabinet wall fixing brackets and attatched it to the side, to stop the applicator slumping toward the other side. i placed the bracket on the outside of the bucket, then marked the holes with a holemaker. then drilled two small holes in the side. i used self tapping screws, so the screws bore in and leave a water tight join. i suppose it would have been easier to affix the bracket on with some form of adhesive.

anyway, i cleaned my own windows this afternoon, and i didn't get a wet let. so now i'm happy with it.

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Posted by samm (samm), 4 November 2003
on 10/24/03 at 01:04:43, Rick wrote:
what do you mean "the applicator hole". its really the fact that the applicator is allowed to slump forward, not the  "hole" as you call it. i don't discriminate against left handers, as i am one. but i just like right handed buckets and stuff cause i use both hands

come rick on I'm sure you can understand that Huh, a wet leg from the new unger BoaBelt from the applicater hole ok      does any one know of a good idea to cover the applicator slot to stop it from slumping over giving me a wet leg, just the latter takes alot longer to type

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