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ink removal from cream leather

Posted by ellen (Debbie S), 9 December 2003
Hopefully my second question on this site won't have anyone having a strop and resigning!
Had a lovely week,someone dents my car and the children draw on my sofa with a biro!
I have tried shampooing it (with leather foam shampoo)(the sofa ...not the car!)and just cannot remove it .Can anyone help to cheer me up before christmas? Sad
Posted by DP (DP), 10 December 2003
Hi,  there has been another post on here regarding this and someone used vasaline (think I spelt that wrong) on an ink stain with complete success it would seem. However lots of caution was mentioned with regards to the type of leather etc.

Read back and find it if you can or wait till the posters of the previous threads can help you a bit more here.

Just a little ray of hope while your waiting.


Posted by LTT (LTT), 10 December 2003
We have safe products and plenty of advice if you need it.  Please look at our web site or give us a ring on 01423 881037 and we will help all we can

P.S. The quicker you get to ink marks the more successful you will be at getting rid of them!!
Posted by petra (petra), 10 December 2003
Posted by LTT (LTT), 10 December 2003
The advice is all available on our website and we have written several replies to previous questions on ink removal.  The best thing to do is come on a training course and this will then equip you with the knowledge and confidence to deal with the hundreds of finishes that are on the market today.  Removing ink is a relatively easy process once you know what you are dealing with.
Posted by ellen (Debbie S), 11 December 2003
I found your website following another question on this site and found the ink lifting solution.....but i wasn't sure wether you had to be trade to order it?also the nearest stockist to me(according to your website) was too far away!
Any ideas anyone where else i can get something to remove the ink......i think that it has been there a while as i only discovered it when i shifted the funiture around for the christmas tree!my children have been sneaky to pick the right area for me not to discover it!

Posted by LTT (LTT), 12 December 2003
Hi Debbie

We do mail order for trade and consumer.  The advice on our site is for consumers and the prices listed are consumer prices.  Access to technical help is free when you have been on one of our courses.  BUT if you need help and products at trade or consumer prices please give us a ring we will be happy to help.  The technicians on our site are not stockists of product but a list of technicians that consumers can call on.  Anyone can be listed on this site.

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