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Please Help (im new)

Posted by Emin (Emin), 30 January 2004
Hello everyone.

Im new to the business and to the forum. I am trying to set up a small, part time carpet cleaning business and have decided to purchase an extraction machine from Prochem and to go for the one day training course.

The two machines i have looked at, which are in my budget are the Prochem Steampro 2000 (powerflo) and Steampro 2000 (powermax). The difference in price is 300. The two are quite similar, powerflo with 70psi and powermax has 100psi.

So this is it, could you please tell me whether i am heading the right direction or not.

If you could please reply as soon as you read the message. Thank you very much.  Smiley
Posted by Phil_@_Deep_Clean (Phil_@_Deep_Clean), 30 January 2004

A minimum pump pressure of 100psi, you will regret 70psi in time.

Look through all the posts on this board at all the different machines mentioned, ask questions at Prochem on your training day, they are very helpful.

Dont know where you are but a local Prochem dealer near me called Vicol Supplies in Letchworth (01462 483821) would do you a discount on a Prochem machine, tell Mel or John I put you on.

Very best of luck to you, you wont be part time for long if your good.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 30 January 2004

Welcome to the industry...

I would go for the 100psi model.

You will also require the machine to have two three stage vacuums and possibly an inbuilt heater.

I am pleased that you are going onto a carpet cleaning course.. that's really important...I would also book yourself onto an upholstery course too

Best wishes
Posted by Emin (Emin), 30 January 2004
Cheesy Thank you very much for replying so quickly guys.

My local Prochem dealer has promised me a 20% discount on the machines and 17.5% discount on the chemicals. How does this sound to you?

To be honest I am a university student, but my parents and i have decided to start a small part time business. So if you like, im doing the research and equipment buying while they will carry out most of the jobs (they will also attend the course). Three years ago i worked for a CC business for two months in summer and saw the potential.

I also have a question about the method of carpet cleanning. The CC business which a worked for used the following method.
1) Spray carpet with solution using pump-spray
2) Use rotary brush to loosen dirt
3) Rinse using plain water, (cold most of times)

The extraction machine they used was a Steamease 400. I also found out that they didnt use Prochem or "professional" chemicals but something off the market.

Now the method i have been advised to use is to fill the extraction machine with carpet extraction detergent from Prochem and clean the carpet. And if there are tough stains treat them later.

Whats your suggestion, and is there anything else i need to know before buying equipment. Its just that i dont want to spend 2000+ and find out i have bought the wrong equpment.

So please give me your advise.

Thank you very much for your time.  Smiley
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 30 January 2004
Hi again

I refer you to my previous comments... training courses.

The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) are running a two day course in February

Contact NCCA on:- Tel:  0116 2719550
Web site :

To try to explain everything here would take forever.

We all have our own little ways most good some perhaps not so good

Always buy your chemicals for the job from a recognised source. Some of those chemicals will require an acidic rinse whilst with others a plain water rinse will suffice.

Start with a course... then ask your questions... I think you will find it much easier to understand that way

Posted by Emin (Emin), 30 January 2004
Thank you for your reply Derek.

But just let me know if the mahcine which i want to purchse is the right one to go for if most of my work will be domestic.

Thanks mate
Posted by Phil_@_Deep_Clean (Phil_@_Deep_Clean), 30 January 2004

If its just for small domestic work then yes Iam sure this machine would be ok, but it wouldnt be right to tell you where to go and spend 2000.00.

As Derek says do the training course first, collect all the info you need there, if possible do the 2 day course.


Posted by woodman (woodman), 30 January 2004
Hi Emin

If I were you I get over onto the buying and selling used equipment section on this board and get the Ninja that's up for sale from Pristine clean it's a real bargain at 2500 and only 3 months old with all equipment,chemicals and solvent clean attachments.

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 30 January 2004
Hi Emin, and welcome.

You've missed out the most vital piece of equipment from your list, a good upright vacuum. A high end machine with an independently powered brush is preferable to a conventional set up. But you'll learn about the importance of pre-vaccing on your course. As Derek said, the upholstery course will be beneficial too.

Which area do you live in?

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by nat270 (nat270), 30 January 2004
Shocked Shocked you could always go for a second hand unit at a fraction of the price of a new unit  and upgrade the vacs and pumps as and when required you will then have a new machine as from what i can gather most are lambtech motors and are upgradable although i stand to be corrected ,the cleanup gods will have more info than me ...all the best Tongue

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