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Ladders in the snow/ice/slippery surface

Posted by Bones (Bones), 17 September 2003
Hi again! Now that I have decided i am going to join all you guy's in the world of window cleaning I have a question.

When the winter comes and there is snow, ice or just a slippery surface, what do you guys use? and where do you get it from? I've seen people working on ladders with sand bags at the bottom of their ladders but there must be something new in this day and age??

I don't want to become a casualty in my first six months.

Thanks again for reading this topic  Wink
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 17 September 2003
WinkBones my advice to you would be,dont take risks,
if you think its to much ice or slippery,no one thanks you
when you have broken bones,health and safety are
very much to the for these days! its not worth that risk,

at best get some one to foot the ladder!there are ladder stays on the market, in conditions all is well stays work,but you must be your own judge! Undecided
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 17 September 2003
beware of slippery patios. as terry said stay safe. better to knock 50p off the price than risk a fall
Posted by Bones (Bones), 17 September 2003
Many thanks to you both for the replies. In no way would I attempt to scale a ladder if i knew it was too risky. Just I did'nt want to think I was loosing out if there was a "contraption" on the market for this topic.

Thanks again!  Grin (I like logging on here!)  Grin
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 17 September 2003
As Terry says above don't take any risks. In the last 18 years i have come off of my ladder twice and both times been really lucky but looking back they were both through putting the ladder on slippery patios and now if their is any risk at all i would rather walk away from a job than risk my neck.

Steve Lowe
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 17 September 2003
Wink yes as steve says,just reminded me of when I feel off
my ladder,it was a very cold winter 2years ago,first floor

the wind blew at a gust from nowhere!the top of the ladder started to slide to my left,me heart was in me mouth!and I was falling,I got only 2 steps down from the top,I droped my tools then in a split second thought,was now coming to terms of,what is the best way to land! then squeegees to late,there I was tumbling head over heels,in the puddle,

my ankles herting! otherwise very lucky! the head over heels made the break fall I needed,so I touched the ground just a second and kepted rolloing!

storys no end!

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