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Posted by tam (tam), 27 January 2004
hi guys hows the weather we are getting snowed in up here in scotland
Posted by simonb (simonb), 27 January 2004
I've still got my shorts on - mind you I am in the house!
Posted by tam (tam), 27 January 2004
if you had your shorts on up here you would be singing soprano
Posted by T_W_CONTRACTS (T_W_CONTRACTS), 27 January 2004
i wish we would have some snow for once
least the kids could have some fun and i get a day off
big job on tommorrow double 20 work on my own Sad
Posted by simonb (simonb), 27 January 2004
If youre up that high you will be above the clouds!
Posted by denzle (Denzle), 27 January 2004
The only reason i wouldn't mind some snow right now is the fact that i have a trapped nerve in my back, if it snowed i wouldn't feel so guilty about having to take a couple of days off.
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 27 January 2004
Denzle go find a book called "6 weeks to a healthy back " by alexander Mellerby. Been there done that hope this helps.
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 27 January 2004

Whereabouts are you in God's Own Country? Sunny Embra's clear of snow so far. We were promised it for Monday, then the weathermen put it back to today, but no sign so far. The gritters have been out, so the council must know something - it's not like them to spend money without a good reason!

I've got my Glacier Gloves - I'm up for it tomorrow.

AwRaBest - Davie
Posted by paul (paul), 28 January 2004
there still no snow down here in gloucestershire just lovely sunshine and dry days Grin
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 28 January 2004
It`s in the post.  Grin

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 28 January 2004
No  snow here in Fleetwood yet but lots of  rain and wind  Cool
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 28 January 2004
3 foot snow drifts in Aberdeen. So I'm flooring the loft. Thrills  Sad
Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 28 January 2004
it'white in wales Cheesy
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 28 January 2004
Well, there we were, Glacier gloves on, two pairs of socks, LongJohns and thermal vests mollycoddling our wee bodies, mentally braced and ready for the blizzards which have been forecast since Sunday . . .

Just under an hour of light snow - the town hasn't exactly ground to a halt.

Tune in for tomorrow's interesting/dull update.
Posted by Bones (Mikey aka Bones), 7 February 2004
Embarassedsnowing again here Embarassed


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