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URGENT!!! Help Needed!!!

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 8 April 2004
Picked up a building account today for a building company to do all there building cleans. Smiley Anyway I was pricing up the 1st clean for tomorrow (Double price as Good Friday) and there’s concrete on the frames what’s the best way to remove this??


Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 8 April 2004
Get a waiver absolving you from any dammage however caused signed witnessed. Use plenty of water. Check its not rendering instead of concrete.
Posted by matt (matt), 8 April 2004
cement based coverings (render or concreate) can burn into the PVCu
Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 8 April 2004
well i do builders cleans but not with my pole!! you have to get the ladders out, so i sub it, bill the company 25 pounds a hour and sub it for 12-50 a hour, 12-50 a hour for a bit of paper work is not bad, you have to get a window scraper (windows) and green pad (frames) it works for me.



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