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cleaning original pine floor boards

Posted by fatjock (fatjock), 19 August 2003
Just moved into a new house with varnished original pine floor boards. I am unsure how I should clean/disinfect the floor without damaging them.

Does anyone know of a product (pledge etc) that I should use? I cannot find anything suitable in my local shops.
Posted by acleanerplace (acleanerplace), 21 October 2003
cleaning wooden floors
use a ph neutral cleaner and mop
if taking old polsh off you have a few options
hope this helps
Posted by spirit (spirit), 4 November 2003
best bet is to use a product like Johnsons floor maintainer, I get it fron Greenhams. hot mop the floor after sweeping and buff with a red pad on a numatic and finish with a fresh coat of seal and a tan or white pad and a spray buff. that should produce stunning results if the original surface is sound........ If not you will have to sand back and hoover to remove dust, then damp mop, leave to air dry and then drop at least three coats of seal allow at least an hour between coats, then buff to shine and walk away with a smile.
To keep good condition after that just, Roll Eyes damp mop at least weekly after a sweep and buff once every two weeks depending on traffic.  Good Luck.

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