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regularly or occasionally

Posted by Morris (Morris), 9 September 2003
I want cleaning windows every month but my customers agree every tree months and I lose money, what I should do?
I have 200 residential clients but not very busy.

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 10 September 2003
Hi Morris,
There are only 3 ways to make more money:

1) Reduce your costs.
2) Put your prices up
3) Get more customers.

We can discount option 1 because you probably dont spend a great deal on equipment and consumables (besides I'm assuming you are aware that you'll get the best prices from Express Cleaning Supplies anyway Wink )

Option 2 is something to consider - when was the last time you put your prices up? Do you know what your competitiors charge? Are you really charging enough for what you do or is there something else you could offer which could be charged extra for (do they want the frames cleaning or perhaps facia boards etc?)

The biggest impact would come from option 3. I assume that if you have the capacity to clean their windows three times as often then you have the capacity to triple the number of customers you could deal with.

On average, how long do you keep each customer for?
What is your average charge each time you clean them and how much time does it take?

My initial suggestion, depending on the above, would be to offer a free clean for every new customer your existing ones refer to you. If they're happy with your service then they are doing their freinds and family a favour by recommending you and it's a win - win situation!

One other thing to consider is with regard to advertising - realistically what proportion of your potential customers know about your services? Do you advertise just occassionally or do you really keep your name cropping up in front of them time after time?
An interesting excercise to do is to take a morning out and knock on some doors with a leaflet. They key thing though, is to ask them if they already know of you! It can actually be quite encouraging when the majority say no because it confirms just how much more potential there is out there!
Hope this helps
Mike Boxall
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 10 September 2003
Hi Morris

Have you thought about diversifying?

The Waterless Car Cleaning Company can add a new service to your customers for very little cost.
This specialist car cleaning service will keep you busy by offering existing customers a new service! Therefore you are becoming more valuable to them and you are get more from them in earnings.

Have a look at our site. We have just signed with SAFEWAY supermarkets by running a pilot locally.

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Good luck

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleaning Company Ltd

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 10 September 2003
offer only a monthly or more often service if they want less than that walk away. if they want i window cleaner they will accept that. my only concern is that you are charging high prices and that is why they dont want them done so often. i have come across this when i have picked work up from part timers who the social have caught up with. wheen i have quoted real prices they have moaned and wanted every other month.
Posted by Morris (Morris), 10 September 2003
Many Thanks for advice!

Posted by Morris (Morris), 10 September 2003
I distinguish three kind of clients
One want to have clean fronts of houses only, other whole house, but on some time and when I call them , third kind of clients once a several months.

But I have more this third once.

I need change this from now.

Morris from London
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 11 September 2003
I would only agree to monthly cleans with residential customers and i also have a minimum charge so it stops those customers that ask for fronts only etc. Most new customers complain that they find most window cleaners unreliable and i then go on to explain to them that is why i have to clean their windows on a monthly basis come rain or shine.


Steve Lowe

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