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What Colour to use?

Posted by simonfoy (simonfoy), 9 December 2003
I am a caretaker. I use a buffing machine for the floor in the hall. Whilst I have got an excellent shine on it the hall is used for mealtimes and Pre school and they use lots of PVA glue and glitter. Now I use maintainer with the red pads nightly to keep the shne but its very hard going when the red padsare so soft and the glue has been allowed to dry.
Is there another colour pad I can use that will make my life a little easier,

Thanks Simon
PS> I have changed names cause I lost my old password. I used SpikNSpan the Cleaning man lol So a few have helped me before. I am not a stranger is what I am trying to say and know you guys will know the answer, you clever peeps you Smiley)))))))))))))))
Posted by deep_clean (deep clean), 9 December 2003

(a). Maintain the floor on a regular basis by sweeping, preferably with a sweeper mop, then damp mop with a solution of floor maintainer and when completely dry, buff with a medium (300rpm) or high speed (400rpm) (not ultra high speed 1000 to 1500rpm) rotary machine with a red pad depending on the degree of shine required.


BLACK PAD- Heavy duty stripping, quickly removes dirt, wax, floor finish and sealers. Use with any stripping agent.

GREEN - Light stripping and wet scrubbing. Thoroughly removes dirt and scuffmarks.

BLUE - Wet scrubbing or heavy duty spray cleaning. Gives the floor thorough scrubbing removing dirt and scuffs. This Pad will remove top of surface finish ready for re-coating.

RED - Use for smooth shiny finish whilst removing light dirt. Use this pad for typical spray cleaning/buffing pad.
Spray Buffing Procedures

1. Sweep area thoroughly.
2. Wet mop, corners and edges.
Spray buff procedure:
A. Dwell on scuffmarks - some must be done by hand with small red pad.
B. Use as little spray buff as possible.
C. Spray buff must be put on in a fine mist, not directly on the floor, but a mist over the area.
D. If product starts to build up on pads, too much spray buff is being used.
E. Always spray buff from right to left / left to right (in a pendulum motion).
F. Allow adequate time for pad to clean floor.
Things to Remember:  
Apply only enough spray buff to fog a small area should be used. Be sure to not let material build up on pad.
Buffing Pads (Red) must be in perfect condition (clean and free from debris).
After procedure is complete, equipment - including machine, mops, pads, buckets, and spray buff bottles, must be cleaned thoroughly and remover the Pad/Buffing Plate.


Posted by (, 9 December 2003
There are some buff coloured pads that are not so rough as a red, I think you'll find there is even a white one these days for just very lightly going over a polished floor. But I have never used any of the other colours myself. Wink

I think deep clean has prolly said it all really Wink
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 9 December 2003
Hi Simon

As Russ has indicated try using a blue pad next as anything more aggressive will start to remove the polish and may cause more problems that it solves.


Mike Boxall
Posted by simonfoy (simonfoy), 9 December 2003
Thanks to you all mucg appreciated


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