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Investment in staff question

Posted by DP (DP), 3 February 2004
Just a bit of a question to anyone who would know.

Additional services which I would like to supply, require an extensive amount of staff training to achieve accreditation, probably 2-3K per person, which has to be carried out by third parties and cannot be done in house. Additionally they would have to be paid as well.

Does anyone have any experience of how either you or others protect that kind of investment.

Note: these training courses do not represent any government backed schemes such as NVQ etc.

Any advice on this would be gratefully received

Many Thanks

Posted by petra (petra), 5 February 2004
Just a thought Dp, what about a finacial clause in contract of emplyment?
Posted by Fox (Fox), 5 February 2004
Hi Petra

What sort of financial clause? Would be interesting to know in which capacity this could be done, eg: do they pay up front? Or another method?

Anyone else out there come across this problem as I know I spend time and effort training so how do we stop people taking our efforts to other companies?


Posted by pristineclean (pristineclean), 6 February 2004

I offer training on day release to staff, and attach three conditions which they agree to before training starts.

If they leave while training, fail to attend the course or leave the company in less than three months then they have to repay the course costs.

Unfortunately, I don't think that would work for you since you have no realistic chance of recovering 2 - 3 000 from the average employee. Have you considered 'golden handcuffing' i.e. offering a set bonus for passing the course, payable six months after completion?

Granted, its yet more money you're spending, but you could look on it as insurance Smiley

Anyway, tuppence worth is now in and complete  Smiley
Posted by DP (DP), 11 February 2004
Sorry folks I let this slip.

Nope had not thought of that. I worked for a company once that you had to pay for you training and equipment, which oddly enough was 3k. They took the money at a rate of 300 per month from your income, however we were on a very high hourly rate, and this was not any real hardship.

They sort of called it a franchise at the time, but it was arguably illegal as you never really owned anything. I suppose this is what im trying to reproduce in a legal way, which is probably not possible.

I think im going to have to do a lot of research on this to find out the letter of the law. However many thanks for your input to date, Ill try and update this when I have some info.

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