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Equipment Wanted to start business

Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 12 February 2004
Looking for second hand Carpet Cleaning equipment to start a new business.
A Portable machine 3 stage vac with 100 psi upwards, something like a Altrec or similar.
May purchase a truck mount if price is right.

Please dont blind me with science as I'm new to this, but have gained valuable information from Mike Halliday and John Flynn on the things I need.

thanks Shaun  Grin

Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 12 February 2004
Didn't know if this was of interest?

Best of luck

Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 12 February 2004
Hi Steve, thanks for the link...been in touch and got phone number from seller.

thanks Shaun
Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 13 February 2004
Let us know how you get on
Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 13 February 2004
Yep, will do  Grin
Posted by washglowboy (washglowboy), 15 February 2004
look at (4 sale used cleaning equipment) washglowboy

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