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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Posted by SteveTruman (SteveTruman), 30 January 2004
I have looked into the idea of wheelie bin cleaning as another line in my cleaning vocation of life. Having spoke to the local council regards waste water removal, health and safety , etc. i dont know wether it would be worth the few quid you get for each bin to set up in this line. Anybody out there doing this type of thing yet and if so is it worth it?? The only thing that keeps going round in my head is the thousnds of bins which will be around in the future. At the moment the wheelies arent around us, i am told it will be another 12 month.


Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 30 January 2004
check these out if you have not got anyone doing it at the moment get in first we start doing wheelie bins last year but on one estate there were five wheelie bin cleaners.
WRIGHTWAY SERVICES Manufacturers of Drain Jetters & Pressure Washers Trolley, Trailer or Van mounted Diesel or Petrol drain jetters & Hot or cold pressure washers from 1,400 inc VAT (@ 17.5%) Wheelie bin cleaning unit, van/trailer mounted. Water filtered & recycled. Automated cleaning. From 8,225 inc VAT (@ 17.5%) Industrial electric steam cleaners Tel: 0115-932 0788 T
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 25 February 2004
Wink Wink Wink......

Only because you are so far away from me will I tell you this.....

Go for it as big as you can.......there are thousands of bins in compact areas.......and yes it pays the bills shall we say.....

Only 1 word of advice careful you don`t step on anyone`s toes.....

Have Fun... Grin
Posted by sc (sc), 25 February 2004
I've never thought of this before but it seems quite a good business to be in.

I'm only guessing here so don't take the mick if I'm wrong.

2/clean, a bin cleaned every 3 mins, 20 bins/hour, 40/hour.

That seems good to me.

But it could be:

1/clean, a bin cleaned every 5 mins, 12 bins/hour, 12/hour.

I haven't got a clue cos I've only ever seen a wheelie bin cleaner once, there isn't many round here, could be a good opportunity in the future.

Does anybody have any better information on it?

Thanks SteveC
Posted by Anj (Anj), 11 March 2004

 Hi  I have it in my area we pay 1.50 per bin (we have 3 ) its  washed and a wheelie bin black bag put in,  ive seen the buiseness grow from "a throw it together van, to a fleet of signed brightly coloured vans"  i thought of the idea a  couple of years back , but a few weeks later we had  people at the door for the very thing . go for it
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 11 March 2004

In my road I have only seen two wheelie bins the rest use sacks as I do, then again the council use them too put the sacks into them then wheel them to dust cart, not sure about the financial rewards in this venture! But different councils have different rules on waist.

It appears Care should be taken, it looks like the ice cream wars again wreelyclan comments not mine.


Posted by SteveTruman (SteveTruman), 11 March 2004
Still looking into it, but council very strict on the control of waste water/detergent. There is a long time to go before the wheelies are around here, but i keep thinking 1-50 x so many thousand every month. Tongue Tongue Tongue


P.S. Anj do the people who clean your bins just let the waste go down the road..?
Posted by Anj (Anj), 12 March 2004

  Hi  yes they always park up at the drain  and ive never heard of any compliants from neighbours  
Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 25 March 2004
In my local ad trader there is a wheelie bin cleaning business for sale 15,000 and they washed out in the road no self contained unit Shocked Shocked
Posted by stevey331 (stevey331), 28 March 2004
hi  all just to say that am cleaning  wheelie bins ive have 200 bins everyweek at the cost of 1:70=340
so it works out at 1360a month not bd eh!! now am trying to get into Undecided window cleaning  steve331
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 28 March 2004
Ive had a wheelie bin for two years, never had it cleaned, cant see why someone would want it cleaned every week.

Obviously people do but why?
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 28 March 2004
Shocked Shocked..There are plenty of reasons why they have them cleaned and I should know I have approx. 3000 every 4 weeks...

They are grotty swines..
They want to see a good looking hunk each time..(me of course.. Grin)
The old people are lonely..
They don`t want to be the only one on the street not to have it done...

There`s just a few....

Have Fun... Wink

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