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Advice on hand tools please

Posted by Emin (Emin), 9 February 2004
Hello everyone.

I have recently purchased the Prochem powermax (100psi) and i am now looking for a hand tool for cleaning stairs, (that can preferably be used for upholstery as well)

Now i was wondering if anyone has one for sale, and whether it is worth buying a second hand one.

Thank you for your help.
Posted by Les (Les), 9 February 2004
Hi Emin,
ProChem do a very good 'Heavy Duty' stair tool and a seperate one with a much finer spray for Upholstery.
You might find that using the stair tool on the upholstery will leave you with Veerrry wet fabric Undecided Cry
As usual you'll need to sell your soul to afford them from Prochem so second hand would be worth considering, (are you listening Prochem)? Shocked
Have you tried asking on the items for sale board ?
Posted by Emin (Emin), 9 February 2004
Thanks for the reply Les

I know what you mean about the prices, but i have always thought you get what you pay for (or at least in most cases)

I will have a look at the board for a second hand one.

But i just wanted to knwo whether there is a "multipupose" tool for stairs and upholstery.

Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 9 February 2004
Hi Emin

Try looking on ebay by tapping in to the ebay search 'carpet cleaning'. I have just sold several hand tools over the last couple of months that were surplus to requirement. There is a handtool that is going with a broken down machine (fixer upper) on ebay at the moment. Not one of mine this time  I might add!!!

I think that it is only a 3 inch wide tool though which in my opinion is a little bit on the narrow side.

Ideally you should be looking for a 4 to 5 inch tool if it is required for duel purpose stairs and upholstery. Having an easy to change jet would also be useful as upholstery cleaning requires a finer jet and carpets a courser jet. An intermediate jet size would be a size 2 jet apperture.


Robert Olifent

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 February 2004
have'nt Prochem started selling a 6inch curtain tool? I bought this tool in the states and have found it to be great for stairs & upholstery.

Don't PMF make 90% of the handtools used by carpet cleaners?, this is what winds me up about Prochem they are just a distributor for PMF so they have no excuse for selling them for exordenent prices, its not as if they are exclusive to prochem.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 February 2004
Hi Guys

Really you should be using a different tool for stairs than the one you use for upholstery.

I have the 3" CFR hand tool for upholstery and after a 'bit of pressure' I believe CFR are bringing out a 5" version in March which would fit the bill

Posted by Les (Les), 9 February 2004
Hi Mike
I think you answered the question as to why the prices are so high on Prochem. If they distribute for PMF, (Who are they) Huh and then retailers distribute for Prochem, that's a few people who all want to make a profit on the product.
When I purchased some equipment about a year ago my local supplier offered me 5% off a bill of about 2250, (and I wasn't purchasing a machine). I thought they were being a bit tight so did a search on the old internet. Roll Eyes
Found someone, (can't remember who now..Doh!) Cry
who offered over 20% discount. BIG difference. Shocked
Went back to local supplier Angry who, (after making mystery phonecall, matched the price Smiley
I know we all have to make a living but blimey Grin
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 February 2004

Les check them out.

Posted by Les (Les), 9 February 2004
Thanks Mike,
V. Interesting site.
You ever purchased from them ?

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