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Broken leg

Posted by carpetmas5 (carpetmas5), 9 November 2003
I have had a letter from a customers solicitors claiming that after a job I did on 11th December 2002 at noon my customer returned home at 5.30 & broke his leg on the wet carpet. odd that this man was at home mid day & was drinking heaverly.
Posted by Fox (Fox), 10 November 2003
Are you having a laugh?  Slipping on a wet carpet?  Did you leave it with loads of soap on the sufaceHuh!Huh!?

Seriously - document everything, if he has already put in a claim talk to your insurers.  Make sure you have all reports at the ready!

Some people will try anything.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 10 November 2003
Hi Guys

I know of another cleaner who had a similar experience only recently.
Fortunately for him he always speaks to the customer always prior to doing any work highlighting problems and hazard areas including that of slippy floors.

He also, as I do, places warning signs at the entrances to ALL rooms with hard floor surfaces adjacent to where there will be damp carpets. Although there were rumblings of solicitors being spoken to in this instance too... all the right precautions had been taken.

Martin has given us an excellent reminder of just what we have to do. Under Health & Safety regulations we MUST 'provide a safe working environment' for ourselves, our staff and our customers

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 11 November 2003
I'd better get myself some signs. I don't want be in that position.

Does he have a chance at winning the case?
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 11 November 2003
Warning signs are a common sense precaution but I also carry rubber-backed cotton door mats, which I use as an additional precaution. Appart from the safety aspect, they have the additional advantage of preventing footprints being left on laminate flooring

'Spose I really ought to have an additional sign saying
"Please do not trip over my 'Slippery Floor' sign"
............. Or am I just being paranoid?

Posted by carpetmas5 (carpetmas5), 11 November 2003
I have today spoken to the NCCA legal help line VERY helpful, fristly remember my customer may have been drunk, next carpets are not useley slippery thay have there own non slip in the pile. I also did this very small job at noon with a truck mount by 5.30 hopefuly dry. The customer was told by my self the carpets where wet! there was a note at the front door he came in by the back door. Also common sense tells you if you have had your carpets cleaned take care. But he still may win at the end of the day!  
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 11 November 2003
A worrying post indeed.

I feel that although now trained in carpet cleaning  would like to concentrate on the dry-cleaning aspect.

Left completly dry

Sounds safe, anybody do this kind of cleaning?


Martin Cool
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 12 November 2003
Hi Guys

The one aspect in this topic that is absolutely clear.. you cannot and should not rely on verbal instructions/warnings.

Conversations can always be denied and you are into a situation such as the "Yes you did"..."No I didn't" scenario... very apt for this time of the year with all its impending Pantomimes.


The information leaflet given BEFORE work commences detailing problems AND discussing with the client.

Leave clear warning signs at EVERY entrance where there are hard floors.

I also note on the invoice that I have left strategically placed signs and how many.

I know that this is a 'belt and braces' way of doing things but I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 16 November 2003
In the paper yesterday.

A guy gets up in the middle of the night, completey out of his face drunk. Decides he wants to change the bulb on the landing...

Of course he slips and falls down the stairs...

he has ended up winning his case against the council for having the light fitting so near the stairs and the contractor also.

They will both have to pay him 25% each liability. He must accept 50% of the blame for attempting to do it legless.

He stands to get a payout of tens of thousands


Morale of this sad true story...

The world needs an Enema!

Be careful out there


Martin Cool

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