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removing blackcurrant juice stains

Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 10 December 2003
Have had several jobs with blackcurrant stained carpets and wondered what people have used for succesful removal.
I have been trying to use Red X but have had very limited results even with an iron. The carpets in question have been tufted natural fibre so I know this makes it hard to remove.

Over to the experts  Huh

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 11 December 2003

Try a mild reducing bleach such as Sodium Metabisulphite. A popular branded version is Chemspec's Spray N Go coffee stain remover.  No guarantee, but it is effective on most colour added stains such as tea/coffee/blackcurrant/red wine etc. etc.  I've never had much luck with yellow stains with it though.

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 11 December 2003
I find chemspecs rx juice and dye remover very good lots of agitation and the stain just disappears Wink
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 11 December 2003

I agree with Steve on this one - especially with 'synthetic ' blackcurrant stains.

Whilst the product sugested by Ken works well, the RX Juice and Dye remover ( also formulated with sodium metabisulphite ) contains additional ingredients that give it the edge.

Interestingly I find agitation has little effect - dwell time being more important. For realy difficult stains, the thermal transfer method does enhance the effect.

Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 11 December 2003
Cheers Guys
I'll have to give this stuff a go. Where can I get some to try?

I've had blackcurrant stains nearly every day this week, quite depressing when I don'y get a great result so I'll give anything a try.

Posted by Dave_Parry (Dave Parry), 11 December 2003
Ring chemspec and they will send you a sample. 01274 597333.
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 11 December 2003
Blackcurant juice was my first, stain removal call out and I failed miserably and have had a complex ever since.

It the only one that has beaten me,
Posted by Caesar (Caesar), 15 December 2003
stain magic is aesome for those type problems too... Cool
Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 17 December 2003
Thanks for your recommendations, I have ordered a free sample and will give it a whirl.


Paul  Wink

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