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Conservatory Roofs

Posted by Col (Col), 24 February 2004
Anyone have any tips for cleaning the insides of conservatory roofs?
A customer of mine has a large conservatory and is in the habit of burning candles all the time and smoking the insides are always in a bad way.
I usually scrub with the applicator and dry and polish up with scrim but this is cricking my neck and using up a lot of scrim.
I can not use a lot of water as there is a lot of furnishing around.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson  [Silly Philly]), 24 February 2004
Hi Col and welcome to the Forum.  This sounds like a tricky problem to me, there's not much worse than working above your head all the time, after about 5 minutes I find it gives me a really bad headache.  I know some window cleaners use a their tools on a pole to do this, though I doubt this is very easy, and the furnishings would be in danger of getting wet.                          Any ideas anyone?
Posted by paul (paul), 24 February 2004
we do alot lot of these roofs inside the easiest way we found is to put ya lambs wool on ya pole and wash it that way but make sure its only damp then sqeege off and buff up with scrim it takes a while to get the knack but once ya done it its plain sailing Grinor you could get a set of steps and do it face on Grin
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 24 February 2004
i ve done a few in the last couple of months, i just use a pair of step ladders and do the normal lambswool and squegee it off then detail it, but i have the lamdswool only damp, and when i squegee it off i have a towel underneath and an old blanket on the floor.
 its just trail and error , and you ll find you re own way
my way is completly different to a friend of mine,
hope i was any help to you.

p.s if you dont already try some upper body endurance training it does nt half make a difference!
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 24 February 2004
We do alot of these to. easiest way we find is to use a damp huck towel sprayed with gg4 in fixi clamp onto pole.The pole has angled adapter so very rarely need to look up but the results are excellent as most the gg4 evaporates anyway.We do 42f(h) x 120ft(w) glass which is angled and this is the best way we find.

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