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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.

Starting a round

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 23 February 2004
Hello everyone,my names Pete and I am looking into starting a window cleaning round.I aint scared of hard graft so thats no problem but what I would like to know is are there any territorial issues here.What I mean is do I need to make sure I dont encroach on someone elses round.Also any advice on any other things I need to do would be appreciated,I have never run a business of my own.Thanks in advance.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson  [Silly Philly]), 23 February 2004
Hi Pete and welcome to the forum. Some of the earlier threads in this section may be of interest to you.

do I need to make sure I dont encroach on someone elses round

Not really. Its almost never the case that a window cleaner has an entire area or even street to himself. Most have a few customers here and a few there, and you can quite easily pick up customers in most areas.

There is a good demand for window cleaners, so if you start correctly and act professionally (see this post :;action=display;num=1077490805) then I'm sure you won't have much problem getting a decent round together.

I have never run a business of my own.

I'm sure that you'll find window cleaning a straightforward business to run. Do you have a friend that is a window cleaner? (perhaps where you got the idea from?)

Some basic training from an established window cleaner will be of great benefit to you I'm sure.

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 23 February 2004
thanks phil
Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 23 February 2004
Hi pete, forums like these are a great place to start and a haven of information, it's where i started. Grin

This is the equipment i first purchased to get me going:

Quick release belt (Unger)
4" Scraper
Bucket on a belt.
14" T-Bar with 3 sleeves (Unger Promotion)
18" Squeegie
12" Squeegie
4 Scrims

All came to 88.00 with next day delivery

and a few other odd bots and bobs that you always decide to chuck in when you place an order. I get my gear from Scrim City but there are plenty of places on the net you can get them from.

Hope this helps,


Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 23 February 2004
cheers mike
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 23 February 2004
Hi Pete,

Put a bit more in your profile and tell us all about yourself. Depending on where you stay, someone could give you some hints on the best place locally for gear - or the places to keep away from!

All the best in your new venture.
Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 23 February 2004
Iv updated my profile hope this helps guys cheers.

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