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First day back WC after 6 years....

Posted by Steve_Richardson (Steve_Richardson), 22 March 2004
Well after all the thoughts on wether to work on my own or not, today was the day I started again, after a friend kindly donated a round he was finished with  Grin (thanks Ray, I know you are reading this!)

Boy, did I forget how much I would ache! My arms feel longer and my knee's are killing me from kneeling on the ladder rungs...anyone got any tips for this?

But it was great to get back into it again, the fresh air, the cool breeze...the rain and the hail (no joke).

Fortunately, as the windows had not been cleaned for a while no-one complained.

And after my first house taking far far too long, almost double the time...I feel like I am back on form! Thanks to some of the good advice on this here forum Grin

It also took me a fair while to "trust" my ladders again and to get to know how far I can go with them without them giving way. I must admit I did have them very close to the wall on the first few windows to avoid slipping!!

Oh..and 1 new customer too! She saw me in the street and must have liked the job I did across thw road Smiley

Now I just need to save up for a WFP (my wife is already convinced it's the way to go Grin)

Posted by Bones (Mikey Warner), 22 March 2004
Hi Steve,

Welcome back mate, I'm still a Puppy at this game but it is best job in the world (well i think so).

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 22 March 2004
Ya i started with a WFP never did wc before and i love it. I have started with fresh customers and its building every day, well today is the only day i have not picked up a new customer.  Sad

Every customer i have loves the Pole way and nearly 95% plus of my customers have come from recomemendations, due to the WFP. I think your wife is right WFP way forward plus its safe and reaches other windows normal wc cant reach. I have a job tomorrow on an customers house just the back has her normal window cleaner cant reach them ( above an conservatory ) not only did i pick that job up she also wants here constervatory roof cleaned every 6 months. Total cost for roof alone 25. Now over the next few months ill say that job be mine due to the wfp.

Good luck and all the best

Posted by james1 (jamesBrewer), 22 March 2004
Interesting Justin, out of interest what model WFP do you use and how much did you pay for it?

I've heard that they are quite expensive but worth it.

Fair play steve for getting back into it Wink
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 23 March 2004
Now I just need to save up for a WFP (my wife is already convinced it's the way to go  )

She's right about that.  In a few years all the good window cleaners will have them,  if for no other reason than they're so much safer than ladders.  I started with it recently and wont ever go back.

Well done Steve, your first couple of weeks will hurt, then you'll get back into the swing of it.  Dont carry your ladders too far, anymore than a 2 minute walk, take the car -this will save your spine.

Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 23 March 2004
Good man yourself Steve.

I'm starting and have been told that it's the right time to get used to it.

I've not really had much experience, but it's nice to know that someone else aches. I've been to long at a desk job!!

You'll pick up more customers once they start telling their friends. I'm sure that some of my customers have made it their sole aim to be my personal PR consultants.
Hope all goes well.

Posted by steve_wright (steve_wright), 24 March 2004
Hey u guys whats a WFP and how much?

I am looking into starting up but if i'm going to get equipment i guess i should get whats new.

I dion't even have a bucket or a customer yet bar family and a few friends

Can u help?

Should i canvass first to see what the response is?

But if i pick up customers i have no gear yet?

Would appreciate some advice! Have looked around some of this site allready,but still have many questions?

Thanks in anticipation

Steve Wright  Wink

Posted by DR._WINDOWS (DR.WINDOWS), 24 March 2004
sreve r.
re-sore knees, try getting some of that pipe lagging from your local diy and putting it on the rungs you,re leaning your legs against, u know the stuff its usually a silver colour  looks like a foam tube with a slit along one side so it just pushes around the pipe or in this case the ladder rungs, works for me

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 24 March 2004
Steve Wright

Hey u guys whats a WFP and how much?

An WFP is an Water Fed Pole water travels from an Tank along the hose and sprays water onto the glass. The water used is pure water, you cant use tap water for this.

Prices can be anything from 1,000 to loads of money. More info can be found on the web pages below. Above and the picture gives you some idea.

A few web links to get you started.

Can u help?

Thats what these forums and many others do, help each other with advice. I found its best to spend a few hrs looking at all the topics that i wanted information on like window cleaning etc etc.

Should i canvass first to see what the response is?

Well i never canvassed straight away i brought my equipment and then promoted my company. No point getting the customers and having no equipment to clean there windows.

But if i pick up customers i have no gear yet?

As above really.

Alot of the questions you might have might have been answered before so might be an great idea to have a look on the fourms first, then just post away. Dont feel silly if you have an question which sounds silly we where all new once and had to start somewhere.



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