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Cleaners nicking your work!

Posted by Anna_Pollard (Anna_Pollard), 29 March 2004
Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone had any tips for the above?! Operating as a cleaning agency I presume there comes a time when a cleaner could start taking your work by undercutting your prices and doing the jobs behind your back.

Do any of you have statements built into the contracts that talk about this issue and possible sueing? How about including it in client contracts/terms and conditions?

Any help would be appreciated. Situation hasn't happened yet but I have had lots of warnings from people!

Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 March 2004

 Safe gaurd tour tender by adding these issues in your Service of Level Agreement or Contract   after a priod of time usually the probation time the client can not bring in another agency or self employed cleaner

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