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Re: Vehicle Magnets

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 19 November 2003
Hi Alex

The magnetic signs were popular in my area many years ago and at the time seemed to be the answer to a lot of problems when you only had one vehicle.

It was very soon apparent that these magnetic signs could also be easily be removed and they often vanished overnight....

I have also seen them blown off a vehicle in high winds, whilst it was moving.... quite spectacular

Have fun! Roll Eyes

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 19 November 2003

I used Magnetic signs for my car when i first started.

Never lost one.

I did come out one morning though and find them mysteriously up side down!!!!!!

Good Idea though, Hey!!  You can have mine if u like  Grin Huh Huh Huh




PS  Hope u got home ok last night and that directions Sue gave you were ok.

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