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pricing jobs

Posted by Glazeguard (Glazeguard), 26 July 2003
is there any formula people use when they quote for window cleaning sometimes i quote for jobs and the price can be way over and other times its way under Huh
Posted by beacom (beacom), 31 July 2003
when pricing a job there is a lot of things to take into account  (1) how long you think it will take & probably the most important. (2) size matters.
Posted by mrgoododds (mrgoododds), 15 August 2003
Personally I would price at approx 75p per window and add a quid and see what they say. This would give me 8.50 per house with 10 windows average size consider 10 windows taking approx 1.5mins each that brings 34.00 per hr. Mrgoododds (Eric)

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