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D.I.Y. Trollies For Pure Water.

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 20 February 2004
In recent weeks I`ve made and fashioned with the help of a local sheet metal
and fabrication firm a trolley suitable perhaps for small to medium size jobs
for the pure water cleaning of window glass and cladding etc.Its suitable for
carrying water from say 10 liters up to perhaps 75 liters depending upon which
`mode` its in.There does seem to be a few of us on the group that have their own
made up D.I.Y. trolley for pure water window cleaning.I`ve done it this way simply
because there`s not a system on the market for the size of my vechile and the set-up
in general I have. There is further improvements that can and could be made to this
trolly.What I ask is,are there any other members in the same position as myself?
If so,for the interested,could we exchange motives and ideas etc,as to how your
trolley is made up,parts used,suppliers et c. etc.Photos with attachments  would be
a great help no doubt. If there is anyone interested and you prefer it you might like to
send a private e,mail to start for discretion.Alternatavly it can be done as normal via
group  discussion. For the manufactures on the group,I`m not planning on  going into
production or anything of that nature,its soley for the purposes of the D.I.Y. market
and enthusiast.My private e,mail address is there on the members page.
Here`s hoping for replies

Lewis Doubtfire,Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

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