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Posted by aquaclean (aquaclean), 6 October 2003
We run a small cleaning company our core business being carpet/upholstery cleaning, however recently we have had to clean carpets contaminated with Linseed Oil. The oil is used to treat slate floors so common in our area (North Wales) and unfortunately is carried onto the carpeted areas of the household, many of my customers have expressed an interest in an alternative, any one got any suggestions, how do you price such a service.
Posted by petra (petra), 7 October 2003
Looked up some site on the net and found these that may help you. (its ok I do work most of the time but doing alot of research and accounts so need alot of breaks)

Wash slate floors with detergent and water. Slate is not damaged by alkali cleaners, but strong solutions are not needed for cleaning. Rinse well and wipe dry. A water based, self-polishing wax can be applied over a clean, dry, sealed floor for extra protection and shine. Weekly damp mopping with a barely damp mop on a waxed floor will keep it clean for quite a while before the washing with detergent is needed.

If you have an electric polisher, solvent-base polishing wax may be used to clean and wax. This must be buffed. Do not use wax around fireplaces.

Hope this helps
Posted by aquaclean (aquaclean), 8 October 2003
Hi Petra
Thanks for the tip, had a look and also found another few to keep me occupied for the next few days. I think I'd sooner keep to the carpet cleaning, I know where to find everything I need

Posted by petra (petra), 8 October 2003
Just read in the European Journal, if u do go ahead it must be a seperate sealer and polish, not the all in one stuff.
But I always say better the devil u know.

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