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What are the benefits of an 'acid rinse'

Posted by stevegunn (stevegunn), 8 October 2003
I've heard alot of talk about this subject can anyone tell me what the benefits of carrying this out or is it just a waste of money Huh
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 8 October 2003
Hi Steve

All carpets when they leave the factory are acidic due to the acid dyes that are used.
Most cleaning chemicals are alkaline and if these are left in the carpet they can, over a period of time, cause problems.   On certain items they can affect colours on others they can cause a breakdown of some of the fibres etc. plus they can be the cause of resoiling.

One way around this is to pre-spray the carpet with an appropriate pre-treatment solution and use an acidic rinse agent through the machine to neutralise. They can also go a long way in preventing cellulosic browning problems due to overwetting.

Hope this helps


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