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Leaded Windows - any tips?

Posted by Steve_Richardson (Steve_Richardson), 24 March 2004
Hi all,

On my 2nd day out on the old WC I had a whole day of houses with the leaded windows (diamond shaped lead over the top of the glass in some cases, but mostly the glass was itself in diamond pieces sepearated by the lead.)

I tried using my applicator to soap up and then blading off, then rubbing with a scrim...but it seemed unnecesary to wet the windows in the 1st place and made more work for myself too.

I then just tried a dry scrim and loads of elbow grease, but after 7-8 hours of this rub, rub, rubbing, I was slighly shattered to say the least.   Shocked

So the question is - what do you guys do when you come to the dreaded lead?

All tips and views welcome....I have a month before that days work comes around again so I can look forward to putting your advice to work then Smiley

Posted by Neil (wylie), 24 March 2004
Hi Steve,
When I get any leaded windows I just use scrim.
First I give them a quick once over with a damp scrim which has been rinsed in the bucket then wrung out well to get rid of all excess water, this loosens any dirt and leaves the glass ready to be polished with a dry scrim.
It only takes a few moments to do but still slower than blading and harder work so price accordingly.

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 25 March 2004
Use an WFP does the job great.

Posted by Steve_Richardson (Steve_Richardson), 25 March 2004 if only I couldd aford a WFP..... Undecided
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 25 March 2004
Justin's right, with a wfp they are so easy.

WFP turns everything on its head.  Houses that used to be a real pain in the bum are suddenly the easiest, whereas the easy houses are now the most awkward.

We have a customer I used to dread doing because it had huge panes of glass and was high up.  I priced highly for it, but now it takes no time at all (hourly rate for that house is 60ph)

Then we had one I liked doing because it had a nice flat roof at the back that you just walked around.  Now that one is a pain because I have to use ladders.

Leaded windows, especially old lead are amongst the easiest now, as the water tends to run along the lead and not bead on the windows.  These used to be the worst ones to do.

I've just built a trolley for my wife to do the fronts while I do the backs with the backpack.  Will use it for the first time today to see if it works ok.

Posted by Steve_Richardson (Steve_Richardson), 25 March 2004
Thanks for the comments...guess it's scrims and elbow work until I can afford a WFP!

Let us know how it goes Phil...I like the look of those backpacks Smiley
Posted by gleamteamni (gleamteamni), 27 March 2004
I usually use a cotton cloth like an old t-shirt to buff up or failing that Wylie gave  you good advice.

(Gleam TeamNI)
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 27 March 2004
Trolley worked great.  Is exactly the same setup as the backpack, except with a bigger tank.

I need to get a remote control device for it to save water.

Posted by Steve_Richardson (Steve_Richardson), 28 March 2004
I have been seriously considering a WFP and the more I read the more I am convinced that this is the way to go.

ATM I am scouring the boards and reading all I can on WFP, but I will have a few questions to ask regarding the trolley systems I have seen around for about 1200 ish inc vat and their practicality on domestic cleans.

I will get all these q's together and start another thread!

Thanks for your help guys
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 28 March 2004
Hi Phil, how did you make your trolley  Huh I have looked at most of the manufactured ones. Never really thought about making my own. DOn't suppose it would be that difficult to rig something up.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 28 March 2004
No, it was easy.  I'll show you at he fed weekend.  The total cost of the trolley was about 150 (not including water purification)  It holds 25 litres, but since I have modified my poles with spray nozzles (rather than jets) a flow rate of about 0.9 L/min is more than enough, so this water lasts perhaps 2 hours.


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