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WD 40 for cleaning window frames?

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 28 September 2003
One of my regulars had new windows a couple of months ago , the ones with brown frames,  she has asked me if I can clean the frames next time I clean the windows. I agreed and told her that I will try to remember to bring some PVC cleaner with me next time , she told me that she wanted me to use wd 40 as the window fitters had recomended this to her ,has  anyone used this, and will it work Cool
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 28 September 2003
Hi majestic
never heard of that one before.
Would keep well away from the windows, would of thought it'll make a right mess trying to clean them with the oily film?
If new offer a routine clean of every 3 months, with your normal washing water will keep the dirt off.

Ps I might be wrong?
Posted by matt (matt), 28 September 2003
on this note, keep WD40 away from the hinges etc, they really clog them up after time, best to use a silacone spray

(only know this as i have fitted alot of them)
Posted by rsaxon7 (rsaxon7), 29 September 2003
WD-40 doesn't have any silicones in it at all. thats why people use it on clothes when they are ironing, cause it is quite a non abrasive oil/cleaner. i was recently thinking of using it on a nitrocellulose laquer finish (somthing totally not to do with window cleaning). WD-40 won't damage practically any finish. by the way, nitrocellulose is one of the most soft and brittle laquer finishes around, and isn't even used anymore cause it yellows and checks with age
Posted by Central (Central), 29 September 2003
Ive heard (but haven used yet) that the best thing to use is Cif liquid for frames - this was by window fitters as well.  Anyone used it before or know if its any good
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 30 September 2003
I've used it for removing adhesive. I always carry one in the van. Cheaper than oil-flo.

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