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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.


Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 3 February 2004
evening chaps

im a self employed plasterer at mo but have been keen on becoming a window cleaner hence i have all the kit bar ladders. i got a tip off this evening that a w/c abandoned a whole road because someone bounced a cheque on him! they are screaming out  for another apparently so i thought id rustle up some leaflets and get posting. wot i was thinking of doing was if i get a some jobs, say id take every other mon off and do the windows and wen i get more jobs say take mon & tue of and filter the windows in like this!

have any of you done it like this before Huh or wot do you think
any help please Smiley

ps does anyone no how to do leaflets on ur PC
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 3 February 2004
i am happy to give you all the help you nwwd if you want to email me
what area are you from Huh

as said before on this forum a full profile seems to give you full more ways than one somtime thou!

Posted by paul (paul), 4 February 2004
it sounds like a good way of starting but i found flyers a waste of time?just my preference Angry
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 4 February 2004
on 02/03/04 at 22:37:10, VGC wrote:
i am happy to give you all the help you nwwd if you want to email me
what area are you from Huh

as said before on this forum a full profile seems to give you full more ways than one somtime thou!


ok vgc thanx
i cant email at the moment Huh my outlook button has dissapeared off my desk top my missis must have deleted it of summin  Angry!!!
if i get a chance to reinstall it i'll email u this evening.
im living in bournemouth Smiley
thanks for replying tho
i am thankfull for any opinions or  help

cheers sam
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 4 February 2004
Sam r i
If you look at vgc picture just under it is a envelope  you can send him a e mail that way
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 4 February 2004
cheers majestic.

ive just done that. i'll get used to the forum soon! hopfully. Undecided
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 5 February 2004
Monday is'nt a good day to start - too many bankholidays fall on Mondays. Also what will you do when the single  day you set aside for window cleaning is windy,heavy rain,snowing or a combination of all. Better to set aside one of your normal days off - Saturday for instance - then if the weather is bad you could take the Monday off to catch up.
The most important thing about window cleaning to the customers is calling regulary. If you miss a month they may,look for another window cleaner.
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 5 February 2004
cheers glyn.

good thinking! i think i'll will start saturdays instead

many thanx

Sam  Smiley
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 5 February 2004
can any one giv me some help on making flyers on your pc  Huh

thanx again

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 5 February 2004
I have e.mailed you a copy of the flyer i have used to decent effect, It opens in Microsoft Word and you get 3 flyers per page.
Feel free to customise it to your own biz name etc.
All the best in your new venture
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 5 February 2004
Thanks denzle. Grin

i would go door knocking but i dont think i'd do to well because of my appearance. Angry im quite young with grade 1 shaved head with a couple of scars on my face. i may just be parranoid but i spose i'll have to give it a bash n see what responce i get  Huh


Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 5 February 2004
If the window cleaning doesn't work out, come to Mallorca. Plasterers are harder to get hold of than doctors!
Posted by sc (sc), 5 February 2004
This might be an obvious statement, but i'll say it anyway. The more people see you cleaning windows the more customers you'll get, it is the best advertising you can get. When people see you acting professional and doing a good job, they will come to you.

 I use leaflets and canvassing to some success but it is hard work. Don't expect many replies from the leaflets, but at least people will know who you are when they see you walking about on saturdays.

Working Saturdays will work well coz more people will be at home and see you, so be wary they will be watching you constantly wondering who you are.

I've started walking everywhere, even if it would be easier to drive. This means more people will see you. I've now started picking up new customers on the roads between old customers.
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 5 February 2004
Smiley Thats gonna be nerve racking thinking everyone watching me! i hate that when im plastering it makes you feel uneasy Embarassed and make mistakes
thanks for the advice

Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 5 February 2004
I get whoe familys watching me somtimes..its as if im better than the tv used to spin me out when i started and i always went wrong, but know i just clean them and take the money..i havnt time to look into the windows
Posted by matt (matt), 5 February 2004
it bugs me when people watch me working aswell Sad

and its a pain, as you cannot look into the house and see whats happening  Grin Grin

i found out this guy who complained that i put up his house from 19 quid too 21 quid was earning 6K a month, as i saw his monthly wage slip

its great this job, a real bonus snooping on people house's  Shocked Grin Wink Grin
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 5 February 2004
thats why he moaned...cos he's a stingy rich git Grin
but yes i do love snooping also  Roll Eyes

Posted by sham33 (sham33), 8 February 2004
I tell u whats funny. When people are eating near the window and u start cleaning the windows  Grin Its a bit embarassing.
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 9 February 2004
Winkyes all your storys  Roll EyesI have been there thats why we dont do private flats houses etc,they all want to watch
etc Angrythey got nufing betta to do,and if we look we are in trouble Huh Undecided o hum and some one just bombed irag

you know what I mean Winksome people Undecided
Posted by charlie (charlie), 11 February 2004
Hya sam

i had a domestic window cleaning business and i found the hardest thing about it was getting paid off some customers and also if you get a few days of heavy rain and snow it can cause probs...hope this is of some interest
Posted by sam.r.i (sam.r.i), 23 February 2004
thanx for your help and stories chaps very helpfull Grin

sam.r.i Cheesy

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