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Pricing [I am so angry!]

Posted by shiner (John Simons, [shiner].), 1 April 2004
Hello all, my first topic should not be written in anger, but I am livid!!

I only got started in Window Cleaning at the start of this week; I was made redundant at the age of almost 58 last year, and then 6 weeks after that, I had a quadruple bypass [Yes I know, all together now, "Ahhhh"!].

Because I'm on a small pension from my previous job, and wanting to work at something that got me out into the fresh, but for a number of hours that I could control, I decided on Window Cleaning, [helped a friend out with it years ago when he was trying to catch up on "rainy weeks " on  Saturdays].

Just been asked by a friend in a local village if I'd go there because she couldn't get a decent 'cleaner, so went up, did the job, had a bit of eats with her and her husband, and then decided to put a few flyers through some doors.

Got followed by an old crone who said, "How much for a 3 bed house, duck?", so I say's "Four pound fifty" and she say's "The bloke that does round here regular only charges "2-20p"!!!!! Embarassed

What I want to know is this:- Is he not paying Tax, NI, PL Ins or whatever; or is he sleeping with her? [Horrid thought!!], or was she on an April FoolHuh

Sorry to bind on, but I've been reading this list for a while now, and you all seem to be a b----y decent lot, do you come across this sort of thing often?
Best Regards to you all, John in Staffordshire [username "shiner"]
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 1 April 2004
Got followed by an old crone who said, "How much for a 3 bed house, duck?", so I say's "Four pound fifty" and she say's "The bloke that does round here regular only charges "2-20p"!!!!!

I will not even touch that unless it was 12. I had one the other day gave a price of 20 was told her normal wc is 12 i then say best i can do is 18. I have now got that job and i am 6 more.

I would really put your prices up 4.50 for an 3 bedroom is way to low. I have a couple of wc near me charge 4.50 what ever the size of the house, we might earn the same per hr but i anit cleaning 20 houses to earn the same like him.

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 1 April 2004
We won't even get the ladders off the van for less than 7:50.
Tell her to get her 2:20 man to come and do 'em... I guess if he earns 20 a day he thinks he's done well. He needs dragging into the 21st centuary.
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 1 April 2004
No need to be angry there are loads of windows out there. It happens.

Here in Scun thorpe we get a guy coming from Hull in a sign written van ( so i assume he is legit ) just to charge 3.50 per house. Thats 5.00 toll bridge and 30mins each way fuel Huh I don't know how he makes it pay.
Posted by sc (sc), 1 April 2004
Next time somebody says that ask them what happened to the old w/c.

If they say he just stopped coming or they fell out with him (or her) then explain why that probably was.

a. He stopped coming 10yrs ago and would be charging a lot more by now.

b. He found work in another area paying more money.

c. He found another job paying more money, like shelf stacking at Tesco's.

d. They sacked him coz he was crap, and what do they expect for 2.20.

e. He got caught fiddling the dole, tax, ni, housing benefits, etc...

f. He was an alcholic or druggie, that was only doing it to feed there habit.

g. If you was charging that much then you wouldn't go back either.

h. If they want there frames and sills doing every time it'll be at least 6. Your a professional and they'll get what they pay for.

After this little spiel most customers normally agree your price. If you can't be bothered with trying to sell yourself then, like rob said, there are plenty of other windows that need doing.
Posted by matt (matt), 1 April 2004
3 bed house for 2.20  Huh

we would charge 8.50 down here

even taking into your location,

2.20 ~~~~ this is VERY ChEAP
Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 2 April 2004
I'm in full agreement with the other comments.
I am from the Chepstow area, and though I only do domestic accounts as one off's now, I wouldn't get out of the car for less than 8.50
Crank up your prices forthwith!
Once you get up to speed you should be able to comfortably do 2 three bed semi's an hour.
If you have them all next door to one another you could probably crank out 4 an hour, but that would be a pace you would not maintain hour after hour, day after day.

Don't be tempted to work cheap, there is always work out there with domestic accounts.

Ignore old crones who talk cobblers Lips Sealed

Posted by seanc (seanc), 2 April 2004
f. He was an alcholic or druggie, that was only doing it to feed there habit.

sorry i dont want to afeend anyone BUT people with drugs and alcholl problems find much easer ways of getting money so many people on this site have been saying this for a whill now can we give the people with there illness a break and yes it is an illness you dont choose to abuse your body like that it just grabs hold of you
and everyone should remember to not kick people on your way up coz you might need them to help you out when you fall
did you know that a lot of docters solisiters and high class people in demanding jobs turn to drink or drugs
yet again i do not mean harm or offence to anyone
Posted by sc (sc), 2 April 2004
lets forget about f, or at least amend it. Either way there are dodgy w/c's about that I wouldn't want near my house. Its worth paying an extra couple of quid for somebody that doesn't look dodgy.
Posted by David_Tn (David_Tn), 2 April 2004
Posted by seanc (seanc), 2 April 2004
sc thats better i completely agree  Smiley
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 2 April 2004
I use an wfp and find it no time what so ever to setup. I think it would take me the same time as if would with an ladder to move and setup if i was honest, and ill defo be quicker than the ladder guy cleaning. Got some of them terrace houses but find no problems but then again i got them all next to each other. Smiley

Posted by jake (jake), 2 April 2004

You've probably just come across someone who you'll meet from time to time in this game, some one trying it on!! That old window cleaner probably does'nt exist! Dont feel livid mate, watch that ticker!!!Hope all goes well in the future, let us all know how you get on.

                               All the best, Jake
Posted by Willy (Willy), 3 April 2004
Well said SeanC regarding (f).
"If" this person were cleaning windows to get money for drugs or alcohol, then at 2.20 for a 3 bed they most certainly Don't have a problem with either!
It shows only too well how little people know about either illness and how much they think they know.
Has the people who make these remarks ever seen anyone with either illness in need of a "fix"? If you had then you would know cleaning windows or anything else that requires the slightest co-ordination (which covers most things) is out!

Anyway, "Shiner" 4.50 for a 3 bed? Are you on drugs man? I can't believe you are complaining about some old dears imaginary WC. You want to sit down and chill out a bit, your window cleaning now! I bet the old dear went inside and laughed her head off at your reaction. Did you notice if there were any cameras about?
Seriously keep an eye for the other WC, I want to employ him. Tell him I'll double his money with paid holidays and health insurance! I would offer you a job as well but I can't stand to see a grown man crying!
How much would you charge for a 3 bed with conservatory?
Posted by matt (matt), 3 April 2004
not sure a drug or drink habbit is a illness

first off the drugs thing, these people who use smack etc, choose to use it, they know its highly addictive, BUT they choose to do it

Secondly, people allso choose to drink each and every day

NO ONE is holding the syringe to a vien and forcing these people into it

NO ONE is holding a Pint or a Bottle to the mouths of these people


Sad Sad Sad

Having worked on Council properties as a carpenter for many years, walking into a sqaulid homes, seeing the filth they live in, spotting a used syringe AND walking back out and telling them i aint working in the house/flat (afterall i dont need to get some blood disease from them

THIS IS WHY THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO THE DOGS, people see a problem and make excuses for it

i dont want to offend any1 with this post, but it makes me mad when people choose to go down a certain road, then have others excuse them for it being a illness and not their fault, its just a illness  Angry Angry Angry
Posted by Willy (Willy), 3 April 2004
Your not very well informed Matt, Are You? Thats exactly what I mean about people who think they know what their talking about.
Everyone who has ever taken "A" drink of alcohol knows it can be addictive but that doesn't stop them. I'd be willing to bet that includes yourself! You don't choose to become addicted!
It IS a medical Illness and IS, at long last recognised as such within the medical profession. Unfortunately people like yourself are still all too ready to judge and condemn others they know nothing about. It is exactly this type of attitude that all too often prevents these ILL people being able to admit to their problems and recieving the proper medical attention.


If you truly don't want to offend anyone, why don't you just talk about the things you do know something about, as this clearly isn't one of them!

By the way, I'm a recovering alcoholic, but I don't suppose you know what that is either!
Posted by seanc (seanc), 3 April 2004
well said willy keep up the recovery you neever know we might see poor old matt at aa some day and then he will know how it gets you inside and takes over
and befor you say no way matt never say never !!!!!
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 3 April 2004
We're onto an emotive subject here boys, and I think there's a danger it's starting to get personal.

Lets try not to be sidetracked from the topic, as this is not the place to debate subjects such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

Back to the matter in hand (pricing), otherwise I'll have to lock the topic.

Posted by matt (matt), 3 April 2004
(comments removed by moderator)

The topic will stay open for now, but nothing more on the subject of drugs or alcohol please

Posted by matt (matt), 3 April 2004
opppps sorry phillip, i didnt read your post fully

i hope this thread stays open, if not, any1 who wants to discuss it, please feel free to PM me, and i will point you to a place where we can

I dont mean to offend any1, and i really mean that

as i said, i hope this thread doesnt get shut down, freedom of speach is what makes the net a wonderfull place
Posted by seanc (seanc), 3 April 2004
pmd you

Posted by matt (matt), 4 April 2004
ive started a thread here

any1 is more than welcome to partipate in the discussion Smiley

Posted by matt (matt), 4 April 2004
so end of story on here about it

we an all get back to helping John Simons in his post about prices Smiley

Posted by seanc (seanc), 4 April 2004
john do not worry next time some one says something like that politly give them your flyer say " o thats a good price if they ever stop coming i will do it for 4.50 give me a call" im only new to this game but ib bet you she will ring with in a week dont feel bad just move on to the ones who are eilling to pay the money you ask you never know when your up at a window and she sees the good job im sure you are doing you migh have anoth customers to say sorry love cant fit you in im to busy. Her loss good luck anyway

good to get back to helping you out

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