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Can anyone beat this

Posted by woodman (woodman), 8 October 2003

I am doing an estimate next week for a curtain measuring approx 10 mts high x 22 mts wide in a curve (220 sq mts)

It's held up and operated by 15 motors.

Problem is it hasn't been lowered for 8 years, god knows whats trapped in the folds and what sort of condition it will be in when fully opened.

Anybody done one bigger,
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 8 October 2003

I would be very happy never to beat that !!

About 30 years ago I did clean a very dirty set of theatre curtains and what a mess it made to my schedule for the next fortnight.

First problem was the scaffolders turning up a day late  and that was just the begining.

One tip you may find of use:

The first thing to tackle once you get to the clean is obviously the cobwebs/dust/dead insects etc, and here I found the best approach was to use a powerful tub vacuum attatched to an electricaly powered carpet brush, something like  a Victor D9 setup, with the lower swivel taped in to give a suitable working angle.

Not only will this give a wide path but the extension tubes give you a long stroke and you should find it more effective against nicotine-laded cobwebs.

After the innitial dry vacuum it may be worth attacking at least the upper areas with an old-fashoned carpet beater before moving down.

One thing I would most certainly do is, after arriving at a quotation price, add a further 25% to cover the unforseen and either make the job realy worthwhile or price myself out of the running Grin
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 October 2003
I agree with you John

I had the opportunity to clean some curtains similar to those Woodman describes...they were willing to pay almost whatever price I came up with but I still declined to even quote.

The curtains started some fifteen feet from the floor and rose another twenty odd feet above that so it was a scaffold job.
I just didn't fancy working at those heights not to mention all the Health and Safety implications.

Woodman....suggest if you go and take on the job don't forget take a whip and a chair with you...just in case Wink Grin

Good luck... I really don't envy you

Posted by woodman (woodman), 9 October 2003

thanks guys, I think!

I have carried out large curtain cleans before in theatres, schools etc , just none with a curtain of this size I am quite looking forward to seeing it although that does not mean I will either get the job or want it.

This will be quite a high profile job and a prestigious location which is why I am interested but if I feel I can not carry it out affectively then I will decline.

Thanks for the tips Dynafoam luckily I have a scaffold company that I have used before who are wholly reliable.
I have found in the past that a power vacuum in these situations is nearly always enough to impress as the curtain comes back to life and as you mention I would always price accordingly Wink

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