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reach wash again prices

Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 27 November 2003
Im finally sick of the ladders and need help with prices etc to set up reach and wash just need advice on how others have done it on a budget or if any one has bits for sale or where to go.  All help be fantastic thanks.
jonesy5 Undecided Smiley
Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 27 November 2003
If you are interested in used, refurbished or ex demonstrator Reach & Wash Systems please contact

for further information on new systems please look at for system info and uk distributors

Reuben Reynolds
Ionic Systems Ltd
Posted by highwash (highwash), 28 November 2003
contact mike at
website a bit dated but this probably due to him being busy advising newbies like me about pole systems. this is an unsolicited testimonial but the help,advice and service that I have received from cleantech has put them on my christmas card list!
Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 28 November 2003
Thanks a lot lads,  i will give both ideas a go  Grin
Posted by fez (fez), 28 November 2003
I too am really interested in buying water fed poles, can anyone give any pricing tips though? For large buildings do you price per window or roughly work out how long the job will take and price accordingly?

Also, if a large house would be say -  25 for an example if you cleaned it using ladders/squeegee etc, would you charge the same, more or less using poles/reach and wash? Taking into account that you'd do the job quicker.

Any advice/tips would be appreciated! Huh Wink
Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 28 November 2003

Feedback from Reach & Wash customers has been you can reduce the time on cleaning by upto 75% on Commmercial work and 50% on Domestic, depends on the individual job i know but this feed back has been an average.
I would charge the same as you would conventional methods with the benefits of cleaning the frames and from the safety of the ground.



Posted by paul (paul), 28 November 2003
Posted by elfords (elfords), 28 November 2003
We charge the same as conventional then what you gain by being quicker justifies the extra expense of this equipment
Posted by Ken (Ken), 29 November 2003
I have been investigating pole systems for a while. Tucker and Ionic have the best brochures but unfortunately even their budget systems are a little rich for me. Peter at window-tools replied to me the fastest and offered some good advice. Ultimately I have put my own system together with some help from Gav at Hi-Lo in Cheltenham: 300 litre ro/di with 18' and 35' poles for about 1250. When the business really picks up then I'll treat myself to a Ionic Systems Vito based jobbie at 18k!
ps If anyone wants a 1000l tank in a ally cage I can get 'em for about 75, not sure about delivery costs.
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 10 December 2003
hi all you people who are in a right pickle about pole systems!!

calm down, pure water systems are easy to make, easy to use and can be really cheap.  i know, i use and make pole systems.  i am a window cleaner like you and was ripped off once, but never again!!!  

If you want a cheap system, how does this sound.................

1 x 460 litre baffled  tank
1 x de-ioniser vessell
3 x bags of de-ioniser resin
1 x tds (total dissolved solids) monitor
1 x 60 psi 12v shurflo pump
1 x 8 foot pole
1 x 18 foot pole
1 x 30 foot pole
1 x 40 foot pole
only 1300 + vat !!!!!!
you buy the hose, the reels and all the hose lock fittings.  i will talk you through it all, you can even get your own tank and baffle it yourself!!  

it is simple, dont get sucked in!!

call me at Ultima Cleaning Ltd 01239 621821 or on my mobile 07970 918641

Ben Giles

Posted by Pure_2o (Pure_2o), 10 December 2003
I'll supply you with a crash tested system, plus i'll beat anybodies price on a like for like system, saving you money just in time for christmas !!!
Posted by james44 (james44), 10 December 2003
ken i have sent you a private e-mail regarding 1000ltr tank
Posted by pure_genius (pure_genius), 10 December 2003
I thought i would look into making these pure water systems and start marketing them as a low cost alternative to the main players. I spoke to a friend who was a lawyer about my idea and soon learnt that to make something to use for yourself is ok as an owner user, but you are liable to all sorts of things if you supply equipment and things go wrong.

I had a demonstration from OTT The Reach & Wash System they showed me the crash testing they had undertaken, i didnt think much about it until i saw they had crash tested a competitors system where the tank had let loose. The results were horrific i dont know which system it was they didnt tell me. It put me off building my own system and i wouldnt want to be sued by a grieving family to make a quick buck by making them to sell.

I still have not taken the plunge and got a full system yet.
I see that there are two crash tested systems on the market has anyone seen the pure 20 system, looks ok on there web site.
pure 20 claim they can beat any price with a crash tested system it sounds to good to be true.   Shocked  

Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 10 December 2003
I was very tempted with the cheap alternative but like yourself safety first whats the point of having cheaper system that could kill you!!! Sadly the one thing you can never get away from is that money talks and the more talking it does the better quality you are going to get.  Go for the safe system at hte end of the day the tax man is going to help pay it, possibly most of it so what have you or i got to lose.
Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix), 17 December 2003
Well, Ben Giles system will cost you an arm and a leg to operate as it does not have reverse osmosis and resin is not cheap..! Also he does not tell you how to secure the tank safely in your mobile platform and he is a part time manufacturer/reseller...does this mean his back up service is part time...?
 Pure 20 is OTT/IONICs just incase there is anyone out there has not figured it out..!, they want you to disclose everybodies elses prices to them and then only compare their machinery to Ionics, the most expensive on the market..!
Quality kit does not come cheap but it can be reasonable. If you want the top quality at an affordable price, talk to an industrial Water Treatment company (a real one..!) try Brodex Ltd, they've actually got qualified chemists who specialise in water treatment equipment and sell it at industrial prices..! whatever next..!
keep it real..Dom Smiley

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