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sunny day out

Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 18 February 2004
can some one tell me when the sunny day out is and where and how much Smiley
Posted by Glynn (Glynn), 18 February 2004
Were holding it in Leyland nr preston on the 1st March, its free .
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 18 February 2004
Correctly if Iím wrong

Cost Free Yes Free but I want a drink for this info coffee free you have to get though.

31st March 10:30 am
A & M Cleanings Supplies
3-7 Orbital Crescent
WD25 0HB
01923 671587


Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 18 February 2004
thanks glyn and len so whos on a windup as preston and watford arnt that close. glyn can you give me the address and the phone number thanks. Smiley
Posted by Glynn (Glynn), 18 February 2004
It is free, although when we go national it "may" incurr a couple of bob !
Its a good day, a real chance for anyone to have a hands on experience unlike the shows etc, its in the real world with no selling, the trade visitors that attend come merely as friends its turning into a very popular event.
Hope to see you there.
At the railway hotel Leyland, you can ring me if you want any info.


Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 19 February 2004

I answered your request in good faith after looking at your profile.

I think that you are on the windup your location indicates west London and little else (as far as I know there is only one London on the map be it north, south, west or east), if it be a suburb say Preston/Liverpool or where ever, you should say so, thatís gives you credibility sorry if this offends information like this not only gives our profession an bad name it put you and others in the category of Ĺ price cleaners. People like you are adding credence to the other forums.

To all donít do windups the world is watching it doseís not help our industry!

Please reply if Iím wrong


Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 19 February 2004
Regards to Len and Glyn for the info, have amended profile Len, sorry that you seemed to misunderstand the word windup as no offence was meant just trying to get clarity as to the correct venue. you obviously have a well established business so contracting will not appeal to you, unfortunatly getting contracts as a sole trader is difficult in this area (so many large companys tendering for the work) so i contract, im very commited to my proffession, sorry you feel contracters are half price cleaners. quite an insult really to all contracters
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 19 February 2004

I'm not sure why Len went off on one - I am sure he will realise the errors of his ways and be in touch.

Watford is your nearest sunny day out for you on March 31st. It will be an informal gathering of carpet cleaners who mostly only know each other through this  and other bulletin boards.  Come along if you can spare the time. Bring a Sofa because Woodman has offered to clean a free one for every attendee as he will be up to speed by then Wink

Also technically speaking it is the only sunny day out because we all know it just rains in Preston Grin

Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 19 February 2004
Thanks Nigel, i will definatly try. Smiley
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 19 February 2004

Re windup the way I read your reply it implied that I was on the windup, as in your reply you asked ďquote glyn can you give me the address and the phone number thanks ďunquoteĒ that to me implied that your location was misleading, why would some go to the northern sunny day when Watford is nearer, that why I got on my high horse. My sincere apologies, Peter glad you updated your profile.

Yes Iím also a sole trader and yes I do contract work and have sub work out up and down the country.

Not only is forum helpful with problems itís also a networking tool.
I live in North Kent Sidcup and Iíve secured a contract with a public house group for the Kent region they then ask me to cover say the Newcastle area too far for me that when this forum comes in, I make a post for cc in the Newcastle area replies you get can have nick names, misleading locations etc would you trust them? The same applies to problem; donít get me wrong a bit of banter is good.


Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 19 February 2004
Hi Len no worries , a bit of banter is good for all, hopfully see you in watfordl, Roll Eyes
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 19 February 2004
Grin Grin Grin

You will unless I get deported, as Iím an illegal Iím from Mars, lucky for me BA donít go that far, not sure about easyjet they will take you anywhere.


Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 23 February 2004
Without wishing to sound stupid, what kinds of equipment will be in Preston, next Monday. Someone will say 'carpet cleaning equipment' here, won't they  Wink

Just after a look at a Ninja and equivalent, if someone is bringing one along, please.  Smiley

Posted by Dave_Parry (Dave Parry), 23 February 2004
By Mars do you mean you escaped from Slough?
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 24 February 2004

Hi Dave

Defiantly not Slough When I was 5 I asked my mum where did I come from she said Mars, now I canít stop eating them and thinking of home.

Howís the t/m have you fitted it out yet? Also have you found it more efficient than you other system i.e. setup time etc?


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