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waterproof floor covering

Posted by riz (riz), 7 March 2004
hi, thinking of getting a van mounted system, is it worth having the van floor sprayed in waterproof membrane??
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 7 March 2004
riz i saw a hydramaster truckmount carpet cleaner recently and was told they now fit astroturf to the floors as standard Huh not quire sure why but would think its a good idea to waterproof it in any case
Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 8 March 2004

i think there is a company call speedliner not sure if they have a web site but some one on here mite know tho
(ANY ONE) phone number to get info. yes good move the water probley rust the van over the years.



fed member
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 9 March 2004
Hi Riz

Although not a window cleaner but a t/m carpet cleaner I wish I had mine done it would have saved me having to buying a new cd changer and sat nav system, I have always been very careful but it took only one occasion, Iím also on the look out who does this treatment.

I will now bring this up on the cc page


Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 10 March 2004
Hi Riz

this was posted on the cc board
0800 083 4525 to find local dealer

Posted by riz (riz), 10 March 2004
cheers mate

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