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Your views on Solugard

Posted by woodman (woodman), 17 February 2004

Whats the feed back regarding Solugard stain protector from you guys that are using the product.

I hear it is very good but I have not used it myself to date but have recently ordered some to test.

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 17 February 2004

I have treated a section of wool rug in my lounge with this product - innitial results are astounding.

When water is tipped on, the beading stays on top for hours. A quick blot with a towel and the rug feels bone dry.

If the protection stands the test of time, this will be the best protector I have encountered.

Posted by nick_warrenevans (nick_warrenevans), 18 February 2004
Who manufactures solugard, and where can we get it

Posted by carpetmonsters (carpetmonsters), 18 February 2004

the best i have used

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 18 February 2004

Sorry if I seem negative Nick ask a valid question where can he get it (no response) is it like some other products a cartel? (Licensee)


Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 18 February 2004
its a solutions product,
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 18 February 2004


Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 19 February 2004
Hi Guys

a limited number of small samples of Solugard will be available from Friday 20th first come first served.

Best regards Nick
Posted by Lee (Lee), 19 February 2004
Where can you buy these chemicals from, there doesnt seem to a an ordering facility.
Posted by Les (Les), 19 February 2004
Hi Lee
Call Nick on 0870 112 3691
Posted by Lee (Lee), 19 February 2004
Thanks Les
Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 26 February 2004
Hi Len have just re-read thread

At present no licensing arrangements solugard is available to all who wish to use it.

Hope this answers

Best regards Nick

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