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Vehicle Signwriting

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 17 December 2003

I have always, rightly or wrongly,  considered that a good signwritten vehicle to be the cheapest form of advertising for your business.  After all everytime you use the vehicle you are a travelling billboard.

What do you consider the best form that this advertising should take?

Bullet points of the services you offer?

A good logo?

A designer picture to catch the attention?

Do you include the works or keep it simple?

There are, I am sure, a fair few new people to our industry who, when faced with a blank white van, wonder what the devil to put on it.

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 17 December 2003
I'm in a unique postition to answer this question because I drive a van with another companies name on Shocked

when I bought my truckmount & van i thought it would be a good idea to start a separate company to concentrate on commercial work so I had it sign written under a different name and telephone no

I monotor which telephone number no' people call ( concidering the van tele no is only on the van)

I've had 3 call this year from the van.

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 17 December 2003
I've just realised I did'nt answer your question Roll Eyes

I have my other company logo and a very large freefone number, but don't take my advise I only get 3 calls a year Wink

Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 17 December 2003
Hi Both

My vans have a unique colour scheme an unusaul blue panel behind the company name the rest of the wording in terms of what we do is kept very simple and easy to read quickly, we average 10-12 calls per week from them, they have even been spotted by our local customers from Cornwall when they are on hoilidy in other areas we operate so my advise is keep it simple and bold

Cheers Nick Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 17 December 2003
Worth looking on websites for ideas of layout, as some companies have pics of vans. Mine is on my website and I have had calls from the van being seen travelling or outside houses. People will stop you whilst loading to ask for card if liveried but i have never had this happen when using a van without signwriting.
Good luck, as it can be a difficult call Shocked
Posted by Dave_Parry (Dave Parry), 17 December 2003
I have a company logo, 4 bullet points to what I do, and phone numbers. Silver van and blue lettering. Nice and simple. Signage cost 200. had 1200 this financial year direct from van. Signage cost 200. Even been approached while filling up with diesel.
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 18 December 2003
Sounds familiar.......silver van with blue writing. 4 points of cleaning with name and contact number. Added mobile and website for good measure. Simple and does what it says on the tin Grin
Have had 2 jobs from number plate Shocked H20 RUG but many from van being spotted on the road and outside houses. I make a point of parking with back out , when on a driveway and people stop you when loading or unloading. People moan about traffic but thats when vans are mostly spotted so working in town does have its advantages as not many people read at 70mph Roll Eyes
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 18 December 2003
Nick, how many vans do you have to bring in 10-12 calls a week?.

I also have a very nice van but I don't get anywhere near the work that has been stated on this thread.


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