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Best Hose Connecters?

Posted by Ken (Ken), 15 January 2004
I would value any feedback from wfp users as to which brand of 'hozelock-type' connecters they use. I have tried B&Q own brand which come apart if you sneeze near them (useless), some no-name black and orange ones (better - but sometimes pop apart and other times won't even if you really pull), brass ones (Not bad but the little grub screw fell out after 2 weeks and the thing flew apart) and also official 'Hozelock' ones (which seem ok at the mo, if a bit pricey). Also what hose reels do you use? I got some B&Q ones that will take 50m of Tricoflex for 20. Stood on the handle of one of them last week and snapped it straight off! Looking for a replacement, what's good and not loads of dough?
Posted by bm012e7270 (bm012e7270), 15 January 2004
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 15 January 2004
Has got to be Hozelock, our local B&Q have a half price sale on all hozelock stuff, have a look at yours. Cool

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