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Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 6 February 2004
Hi guys

having a few problems with the toilets. Some of them are a mess with that brown aged scum that starts at the water line and covers the submerged part of the toilet.

tried descalers, dishwasher tabs for days on end, not tried coca cola yet...

do any of you use anything which will stip away this scum in a short time?

Help pleeeeeease!


Martin Cool
Posted by gwrightson (gwrightson), 6 February 2004
have you tried steredent  , heard its pretty good  at most things  
just a thought
Posted by jake (jake), 6 February 2004

we've always found getting 'stuck in' works every time.
 Push the water 'out' of the trap using a brush, cover the whole of the inside of the pan with a good strong de-scaler and leave, for say 20 mins, go back and scrub it off like a good un! using a scourer (don't forget yer gloves!) If that don't work, have you got a hammer?!!?

Posted by Anj (Anj), 6 February 2004

 I use a chemical supplied by Priemer Products  called DT10
it is a descaler and very good for these problems

if you need a contact nunber just reply to this
 good luck
Posted by goodhand (goodhand), 8 February 2004
i use voxsan 'A' a water sanitiser for dosing swimming pools with chlorine, works wonders,

Posted by DP (DP), 8 February 2004
Martin one thing that used to work in loo's and would shift anything including the skin from you hands Wink, although not sure if legal anymore and hardly high tech
is spirit of salts, used to get it from chemists.

Always wondered if it damaged the surface, but we used it on one loo which was growing a mushroom farm from it and reviewed it again a year later with no probs.

This should be a last resort though, as used incorrectly it can be extremely harmful.

Oh for the days before legislation when health and safety was merely a concept and playing with dangerous chemicals was a lot more fun  Grin

disclaimer: Im kidding!

DP  Wink
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 9 February 2004
Thanks for all this guys, been driving me nuts!

When I do a thorough clean and cannot get rid of

''that that cannot be removed for the love of god''

then it doesn't leave a good image on me (only happened twice so far) I have been recommended Brick cleaner and some kind of Acid ...hmmm?

If i do find something that will strip it off I will gladly share



Martin Cool
Posted by Les (Les), 9 February 2004
Blimey DP,
Your a bit up to speed on the old 'Chemicals of Mass Distruction' Shocked You aven't been working abroad in a hot desert type place for example.... Cool Cheesy  Grin  Wink
I just wondered only someone I know has been searching high and low for the type of stuff you've been usin  Wink
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 9 February 2004

found those spirits of salts and will let you know how it goes.


Martin Cool
Posted by DP (DP), 10 February 2004
Every scar tells a story,  Wink

I especially like the ones that go Bang, just not when im mixing them in a bucket!  Angry

Havent they found them yet, they should have just asked  Grin
Posted by kb58 (keith b), 10 February 2004
Hi Martin,

As a last resort you can use Acid Toilet Cleaner! (basically hydrochloric Acid),
I have used it myself, but its very volitile and gives off a chlorine vapour, so be very careful and wear protective goggles/upc impervious gloves/mask/ and a appron.
Go to [url][/url]
and click on COSHH DATA SHEETS, then CLEENOL , then ACID TOILET CLEANER to find info etc.

Good luck!
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 10 February 2004
hydrochloric Acid and Bleach mixed in a toilet are good Fun
DONT TRY IT. The Germans found it a very popular way to disable their enemies in WW1 Angry
Posted by DP (DP), 10 February 2004
This happened to me years ago in a tenement block. Called to decontaminate a flat (squat) from some nasty or another and found the loo blocked up so thought I might as well unblock it as well, but had no ideal it was full of bleach and chucked down a bottle of Blockbuster, came back as a mustard type gas while I was still bent over it wondering what that funny noise was, near knocked me out with minor facial burns.

The fireman (as called by a neighbour)  said I was really lucky then ventilated the building with fans, the other tenants were not happy at all standing in car park for an hour

Nothing like learning the hard way I was sick for days  Grin

Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 10 February 2004
I found this out removing staining from stonework outside a Bank-- very lucky I was outside-

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