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Picket Lloyds Underwriters

Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 13 February 2004
Any body interested in picketing Lloyds Underwriters against the outragous hikes in PL and Employers liability? There are 100,000 + of us in the UK and we are now all being well and truly ripped off by the Underwriters.
If we could get a thousand window cleaners to protest in Central London outside Lloyds perhaps other trades would join in. If all the self employed tradesmen affected by these outragous increases threatened action then somthing would have to change.
Two Companies that I deal with outside of our industry have shut down in the last couple of weeks due to crazy insurance policy jumps- making staff redundant- one had been in buisness for more than 60 years.
Maybe Im mad but United we stand divided we fall!
Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 13 February 2004
     let me know the details and i will come down if i can i do not want to pay any more PL than i have to

cheers Andy
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 14 February 2004
Shame we're not in France. Vive la revolution!!

Maybe I'm too "British", but all the insurance companies would do is lose some business - but if we don't have EL, the pricey part, we can't have employees!

I've just written off some jobs because of height restrictions at my insurance renewal. The commercial ones will eventually find another window cleaner but the residential ones will have a hell of a job.

And before either of you start on me,  Wink yes I have WFP, and no it couldn't have done these jobs.
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 14 February 2004
i live in  Norwich and with norwich union shipping call centres abroad and 1000's of staff being laid of i have boycotted these as my insurance company but most have said they will but if its the lowest price then they are led by the wallets. trouble in this country, is that people just take the s**t that is dished up. insurance companies have had a free run for years whether it be car insurance or liability, mind you you do have to take the point that somepeople use claiming against someoenes liability insurance is the new lottery, but nothing excuses these hikes. the fact that the goverment knows this is happening but keep very quiet so much for the support of small business.  
Posted by paul (paul), 15 February 2004
thats the problem with us british we just take what the goverment dish out if we stand together and have a mass protest they would have to take notice im all for protesting Angry
Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 15 February 2004
Sorry guys im no supporter of the government!!!
But i think were all damn lucky to earn loads of money cleaning lousy windows, lets face it its not a neccecity ??
and we are lucky to have government keeping stable economy so not to many people lose their jobs and become window cleaners!!!!!
However Insurance Companies Angry    They make a fortune so be great to all boycott certain company
Posted by Jock (Jock), 18 March 2004

Dont u think that if insurance is a legal obligation then insurance companies should not be able to refuse the risk. they should assess the risk and ask the price that they want . you dont see them refusing to insure your van.
Also companies who work safely should be given a no claims bonus year on year.
I was recently refused employees liabilities insurance because my window cleaning work was more than 50% of my total cleaning turnover. I had been insured by them for over 15 years.
I think that cleaning is a necessity. Think about a airport air traffic control tower. clean windows r a must. Imagine getting that job and u cant get insurance....LETS MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD who would be the best peole to organise any protest...would the fed back it ......i dont know what would be the next step

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