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Anyone interested in Trauma Cleaning?

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 3 October 2003
Hi Guys

There are courses out there that deal with Trauma and Bio-Hazard cleaning. This may be an avenue I would like to pursue.

the courses run infrequently due to interest.

With the Blood course a guy has to come from the USA specially. To get him over I would need to get about 10 people who would like to do the course. It is a 2 day course and would cost about 300-400. The more people interested the cheaper it is.

Courses are also available for Fire and Flood.

I understand that this is not everyones 'cup of tea' and the equipment will not be cheap but feel the financial rewards for this type of work to be substantial.

Interested? then either send me a private msg or e-mail me at


Posted by bjc27 (bjc27), 6 October 2003
is there much call for cleaning up massive blood spills?  Fire and flood damage I can understand there would be a maket for - but blood etc?  Just thought I'd ask

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 October 2003
Hi Martin

Have you tried the BDMA (British Damage Management Association)

They are a Restoration organisation and may have some information that you may find useful. One interesting guy to talk to is Geoff Charlton

Posted by woodman (woodman), 7 October 2003
Hi Martin

I have had several trauma clean up jobs and as you say it is not every ones cup of tea it certainly isn't mine as I now turn them down.

Last month I was asked to attend a crime scene of a particularly nasty murder. All murders are nasty you might say but some are just so bloody it's unreal and it's not for me anymore.

This is with out doubt a opening for specialised cleaners,loss adjusters,insurers and the police like to deal direct with such people who are properly trained and with all the necessary PPE.

If you are based in the south east and you do decide to go down this route then contact me I will distribute your name and company to as many contacts that I know including other cleaners who will gladly hand over this type of work. Wink

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