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Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 22 October 2003
Roll EyesJust thought id mention this,
the NCCA put me onto their preferred insurance company for me to have a treatment risk package, i must admit they were over 200 cheaper than anywhere else the plant cover during the day with axa whom i am allready with was 300 on its own!!madnesss.

Anywasy got public, lib, employers lib treatment risk and 5000 tools clover for 420 thought that was good

Thanks NCCA Grin
Posted by Fox (Fox), 22 October 2003
Must say comparing insurance prices is all very fine - however they all go on your individual circumstances - this year mine cost 4,050.00. That is for Public and Employee 5mill and 10mill. All depends on size of Company turnover, sub contracting and what you do etc. Good to have advice on different brokers to search though.
BICS and Chammber don't seem to come up with any offers better than shopping around (am member of both
) any other suggestions when looking to renew?
Posted by DP (DP), 23 October 2003
Well not sure if this will help anyone  in respect of thinking about the information they need to supply, or even by way of application.

However I found this downloadable (pdf) application form  from Camberford Law.

Never used them so no idea what the rates are like (standard Lloyds policies I think).

However a quick eyeball over the form may promt points to concider and no doubt a phone call may offer another comparison.


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