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Host Dry Cleaning

Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 16 December 2003
Had a customer today who insisted I used the Host Dry Cleaning Method...this will be the second time ive used this sytem in 2 years...I was happy to see that the carpets were only lightly soiled.
I prespotted marks after an initial vacuum, and the final results were acceptable.
I just wondered if there was anyone out there who uses this system as their main concern, and to what degree of success on badly soiled carpets?
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 16 December 2003
Hi Tony,
I use this host system about 2 or 3 times a week on customers carpets that get them cleaned regular.

As for badly soiled carpets i use chem spec heavy duty soil lifter as a pre-spray or mix it neat with the sponges and brush them into the carpet this can get rid of bad traffic lanes. Does not work so good on looped carpet pile plus i always tell customes to hwe every other clean.

Be straight with the customer and give them good advise they stay with you longer.

People say dry clean does not harm the carpet and use this as a selling point, fine but i use all methods of carpet cleaning depending on the carpet and the job.

Always give the customer what they want.

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