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Cleaning car upholstery

Posted by Clarkey (Clarkey), 5 September 2003
Thanks to the endeavours of my two young children the seats of my car are nicely embedded with all number of stains, not least chocolate and sticky sweets. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the seats without having to hire expensive equipment.

The best way I can describe the material is synthetic / polyester - basically the standard stuff you get in modern cars these days.

Thanks, Clarkey
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 6 September 2003
Hi Clarkey.

Our range of Waterless Car Cleaning products are designed to remove stains without the use of equipment. Log on to our web site All of our products are available in 500 ml bottles.

Kind regards

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleaning Company Ltd.
Posted by ellen (ellen), 29 October 2003
Totally unsceintific and a bit housewifey i know but i have found wet wipes (especially pampers -because they are quite damp!) are great on car seats and inside the roof.I have chidren who love to smear everything over my car .It is a cheap/quick method and if you carry them in the car you can clean up straight away therefore not letting the stain dry (they don't tend to leave a water mark either!)
Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
Brought a car from the auctions and it looked like a smokers paradise. Roof lining and plastics were all covered in nicotine the seats where filthy  the carpet was stained with oil and tar tried every thing to remove it .
My m8 said to me try vanish oxi so i did put it in a squirty bottle and sprayed every thing in the car ,left it for 10 mins and wiped it off with some soapy water and it come up like new very impessed i was.
ps try a bit in a none conspicus place

Mr Sheen

Posted by petra (petra), 3 November 2003
When is this waterless car cleaning going to be demonstated in kent you know the rear end of no where
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 4 November 2003
Hi Petra

We do not have an affiliate in kent yet, but if you wish to try the products you can order them from our web site
Kind regards

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleanaing Company

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