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The devils spawn - have you seen this?

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 1 February 2004
I have never seen such a low underhand method of advertising a disgrace to to all things carpet.

I have sent them a email telling them as much.

Utter filth

A disgrace.

I don't like it.

Any americans viewing this board go and give this git a slap will you.

Posted by lee_gundry (lee_gundry), 1 February 2004
i have sent them a email too.
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 1 February 2004
The one funny thing about this was you tell it was pihrana pack before you found out she is the 4times champion or something from pihrana.
Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 1 February 2004
what a complete pile of S**t  Angry Angry Angry
Some people will do anything to try and make a few quid but to basically slag of our trade is shamefull.

Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 1 February 2004
I dont think Joe Polish or his Pirahna Marketing Company would be very impressed by some of their stuff being used in this way.
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 1 February 2004
I am up aT Alltec on wednesday i shall have to pass on the address.

Made my blood boil it did.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 2 February 2004
Hi Guys

It is an interesting 'fairy' story, an obvious sales ploy to earn 'them' money at all cleaners expense.

A few points to consider....

'Seams split after a few days'.... the vast majority of carpets in the US are either totally nylon or polypropylene the split seams would indicate some natural fibres present.

She alleges her husband is an IICRC certified journeyman (are IICRC aware of that?) and 'he hasn't a clue' about overwetting??

She couldn't resist bragging about her Diamond, Ruby and Saphire rings could she?

Well, the world now knows that ALL carpet cleaners are a bunch of thieves, murderers and rapists just for starters ...according to Laura

If this lady had a brain she could be dangerous...

Perhaps an e-mail to would be a start...

I am sure that there is a Trading Standards department in the US... perhaps an e-mail to them as well.

Perhaps a post on the US boards would stir up a bit of action from their end...I am sure they will be just as angry, perhaps even more so, as it's in their 'own back yard'

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 2 February 2004
You lot need to take a valium Roll Eyes   I bet they're quivering in their boots having received all your emails.

who gives a rats ars@ what they are saying, its on the other side of the world.

As for all carpet cleaners being murderers, rapist & thieves, have you been to an NCCA meeting lately Shocked

Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 2 February 2004
I have also sent an email to 'the scum'
Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 2 February 2004
I raised it on the ICS board.
Let's see what develops..


Posted by Alan_Harrison (Alan_Harrison), 2 February 2004
I've learned so much since I found the Cleanitup site. I now double pre-vac, pre-test and tip all my waste down the loo. Its just goes to show, you never stop learning.........

Is there a training course for murdurin thievin an rapein

Posted by Les (Les), 2 February 2004
Having scanned over the website in question... too much cr*p too read it all. It would appear he is using the old 'scare them to death and then stuff them up with your own product' approach. Shocked
It obviously works in the states as he 'appears' to have sold out of product, (honestly)  Roll Eyes.
Maybe we should get our own stories of 'have a go' Customer disaster stories together and use in our own publicity. Wink
Do you think this guy was the one who came up with the Weapons Of Mass Distruction intelligence Huh Grin Wink
Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 2 February 2004
Hi Fellas

This is my response sent for what it is worth.


I find it hard to understand how such an apparent intelligent lady, with such eloquence of words can stoop to such a level of damaging your own carpet cleaning industry.

This type of advertising (for want of a better word) used in your web site, is negative in its entirety, and is unfortunately seen by a worldwide audience rather than just a local newspaper. Have you stopped to think that even your dear husbands carpet cleaning business could suffer the long-term fallout of this type of malicious scare mongering tactics? The IICRC and other industry trade bodies spend a great deal of time, effort, and money in trying to raise the profile and status of professional carpet cleaning, and I would have assumed that your husband being affiliated to such an organisation would be somewhat more sensitive to creating a poor image of his chosen profession.

People may talk about the issues you raise, as unfortunately bad news travels fast, but you may be shooting yourselves in the foot , in that your own cleaning business may also suffer being categorised with this disgraceful poor generalisation of carpet cleaners being spread. Maybe I am giving to much credit to the impact that your transparent, negative advertising will have on sensible rational people, but please remember that good reputations take time to build, but they can be so easily damaged.

Personally, there is nothing more that turns me off than when one company or tradesman starts bad mouthing the competition. These cheap swipes categorising carpet cleaners as dishonest,  uncaring, shoddy workmen,  and even putting the fear in customers of carpet cleaning sexual deviants is to unbelievable for words. I think that the IICRC would be very interested to see your disgraceful marketing ploy, especially when using reference to your affiliation to them within the content of the advertising.

What I would ask is that you think long and hard what the implications of your actions may be in your quest for financial returns. What you are doing is at the expense of the integrity of a whole industry (my industry). In fact ‘in my opinion’ you are bordering on being as unethical as the very nature of what you are endeavouring to portray about carpet cleaners within your advertising.

I think that you can gather that I am extremely angry, as are many other 'professional carpet cleaners' that you are categorising, insulting, and potentially damaging.

You could find that collectively the people affected by this damage doesn't just stop at carpet cleaners, but also their chemical and machinery suppliers, and trade organisations, who would probably have a little more legal clout when it comes to people damaging their industry. I think that the Advertising Standards Authority would also find the content of your advertising claims to be of significant interest. This is just something for you to consider, and who knows may even help prevent you from any potential legal repercussions.

Hopefully I have put this to you in a positive way, that will make you think a little more about the major disservice you are doing to 'our industry', and the potential long-term damage to its integrity.

Yours sincerely

Robert Olifent

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 2 February 2004

But you NEVER come to the NCCA meetings so where do you obtain 'your' intelligence  Wink Grin Grin....

Some of the people who come to the NCCA members certainly 'murder' a pint or two after the long journey.

Rapists...hardly, although we do indulge in a great deal of social intercourse.

Thieves...NEVER... With the high prices we all charge for our services 'we' don't need to resort to stealing.

Obviously Mike, you must be thinking of someone else...  Grin

Wanna try again?

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 2 February 2004
Derek,  Oooops, you're right i was getting mixed up. I meant to say the members of Alltecs Fastrack group Cheesy

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 2 February 2004
SmileyHi Alex

Found this on the ics message board under breaking news


Ethical Services Web site launches controversy
In November 2003 Ethical Services, a company described as providing “the fastest and most thorough way to find the top-rated carpet cleaning company in your area,” launched Currently focused on the cleaning industry, the Web site is geared to help consumers “looking for an honest and ethical company to clean your carpet, upholstery, air ducts or hard floors” find such a service.
“The mission of the Ethical Services site has been from the beginning a team effort to help educate consumers on choosing the right professional cleaner to come into their home, and to also help cleaners who are willing to publicly commit to and follow a code of ethics to find these consumers,” states Ethical Services President Joseph Polish. “This is a referral service, plain and simple, and there is a self-policing mechanism in the structure itself to purge out the cleaners who create unhappy clients.”
But while some cleaners may make unhappy clients, has created some unhappy cleaners. Since its launch the Web site has had a polarizing effect on the industry. Comments regarding Ethical Services, ranging from “unethical,” “self-serving” and “borderline extortion” to “keep up the good work,” “a great reference,” and “has potential” have appeared on various industry Bulletin Boards, including that of ICS Cleaning Specialist, as well as in other media.
Polish is better known as president of Piranha Marketing Inc., a Tempe, Ariz.-based company directed toward the carpet-cleaning industry.

Posted by Dave_Parry (Dave Parry), 2 February 2004
Not worried by this one. Other side of the world, and I'm not a STEAM cleaner! Also think that by sending e-mails you giving them more ammo - "Look at all these cleaners from all over the world who do not want you to know these secrets"!!!!!!!! Let the local US cleaners deal with it.
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 2 February 2004
Good reply Dave.

Totally with you on this one, how many more strings are us blokes in the UK going to add to this persons BOW Huh
Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 2 February 2004
They may be conducting their business in the states but anyone heard of the world wide web thingy?

I brings things a little closer to home don't you think?

The little secrets of carpet cleaning doesn't bother me so much, as no book that is sold will give the experience,  practical expertise and equipment that we have both gained and have access to.

But the other bad mouthing I have a problem with.

That is just my personal feelings on the matter.


Robert Olifent
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 2 February 2004
I agree with you Robert

Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 3 February 2004
Did anyone get a response from the clean your own carpet company?

I was sent this short but sweet reply:

"Thanks for taking the time to send in your opinion".


Posted by Ivar_Haglund (Ivar_Haglund), 4 February 2004
Most of my customer speak Norwegian

so when it reaches Norway I will worry about.

IVAR Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 4 February 2004
I have not read what you are talking about, but in every grouping of the population there is probably a thief a rapist or a muderer.

I have seen an advert from a carpet cleaner in sheffield which says hes been police checked so he is the only ok carpet cleaner.

Other cleaners give Health warnings saying dont touch anyone who is not in NCCA or IIRC registered

Ruling out people who were trained by other organizations.

However i do not aprove of any slagging off advertising.

We should sell the benifits of own service.

Scare tactics wont go away they are the oldest high preasure selling trick in the book/
Posted by Appleton_Cleaning (Bill Appleton), 6 February 2004
Surely only an American could fall for a line like that? Why should we worry? Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 7 February 2004

Cats like babies - right?

Yes, Bill..............But only as part of a properly balance diet  Grin

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 February 2004
Hi Ian

I do agree that there are miscreants in all sections of the community...

As professionals we are taught to carry out a 'risk assessment' under H & S legislation. The risk assessment states that 'we should provide a safe working environment for us, our staff and our customers.

Let's take this a stage further...I think this should be extended to protect the public from unscrupulous traders.
I know of a cleaner in Oldham who also has 'been checked out by the Police'... he discussed it with me quite a few years ago and expressed his concern that he wanted to reassure his customers that he was a genuine guy...nothing to do with the competition. He may be right and then again he may be over reacting.

The NCCA and IICRC organisations are slightly different than most other companies selling training and therefore should be looked at accordingly.

I was talking to someone only this week who in turn supplied a guy who trained young people in a young offenders prison in cleaning practices for when they left prison.

He said to me that he was concerned that these people would possibly be working in a 'high risk potential' business when they left.. I, personally, believe that everyone has to have a chance but I have to think in terms of 'risk assessment' yet again.

We are very vunerable... we often work in property alone with a lady therefore I follow some very simple guidelines to ensure that no one is compromised...

Here endeth the lesson..... sorry folks I got carried away!

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 9 February 2004

I know that you are a Senior respected figure and leader in the UK carpet cleaning industry, and apreciate that the NCCA is trying to set high standards.

My bugbear is that I have done two training courses run by leading industry suppliers and Assosiate members of the NCCA

Run by pionears of the industry in this country.

However if I wanted to join NCCA I would have to take their course.

There appears to be no acreditation of prior learning.

I know its the course i will have to take .

Tell me does the NCCA vet prospective applicants to make sure they are trustworthy.


Ian Gourlay

PS I have been Police Checked for my non CC role.

Just wondering if Cleaners come under the same regs as care home staff if cleaning in elderley folks homes.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 10 February 2004
Hi Ian

The NCCA course, or other accepted courses such as IICRC is mandatory for joining.

This is just to ensure that members have a fundamental knowledge of the industry.

'Some' of the suppliers courses are good but all are obviously biased towards their particular products. That's why they are run and it's good busines practice... I have no problem with that.

Any training is better than none.

The NCCA and IICRC courses are generic... nothing is on sale therefore a complete overview of the industry is available.

Ian..whether you join the NCCA or not is a personal choice and I respect that.

Before the emergence of bulletin boards, such as this, being a carpet cleaner could be a lonely occupation. The NCCA provided and still provides the link between cleaners and provides training, technical backup, friendship etc. etc.

The reason I got more involved was I love to know whats happening within the industry..I suppose you could say I am nosey.  I receive information regarding carpets/upholstery earlier than most by belonging.

Some people simply don't like Associations..that's fine it is not compulsory to join the NCCA.

I will still let you buy me a pint  Wink Grin

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 11 February 2004

I would love to buy you a pint somtime.

Its a free board and I have said that in a lot of industries prior learning earns you so many points towards a qualification.

I think you will agree with me Ashbys and Prochem are industry leaders  and their courses last as long as Alltec and the NCCA courses.

Anyway about 13 years ago when I first thought about joining the industry you were very courteous and helpful to me when I phoned you out of the blue.   I thank you for this


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