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Silver Cleaning

Posted by Julie_Muir (Julie_Muir), 16 November 2003
Hi all

I'm after a bit of advice, I have some ornate silverware to clean and have read conflicting reports on varous 'dipping' methods.

I was wondering if anyone could shed light on the soda crystal & tin foil method, is it damaging to the silverware in any way?
Posted by NSCleaning (NSCleaning), 27 November 2003
Soda crystal and tinfoilHuh

Never heard that one but sounds dodgy to me.  I know tinfoil is often used to clean chrome - taps and the like - but I wouldn't take it anywhere near ornate silver.  

I have done a bit of silver cleaning and the stuff I used was that pink gung that comes in a blue container - just can't think of it's name at the moment, GoddardsHuh possibly.  

I used this 'cos a silversmith told me it's the best for the job.      
Posted by (, 29 November 2003
I was in catering for most of my life and had lots of silver to clean from ornaments to cutlery. I've never heard of that method using tinfoil either.

I always used Goddards Silver dip it'a a a non-abrasive liquid cleaner.

I wouldn't use Duraglite or any rubbing method as it eventually rubs any pattern thin. Also, if it's EPNS plated silver, it will wear it away in no time.

Hope that's a help!
Posted by domestix (domestix), 2 December 2003
It's an "old wives" trick, apparently it works but I've never tried it.

Yes to goddards silver dip or another branded name.

Musn't rub as on not-so-good silver it will "thin".
Posted by kgs (kgs), 4 December 2003
i have used this method at home as we have a 500 piece silver canteen (my wifes pride and joy) i have a special plate which is made of aluminium and the soda crystalls are put on top of the plate with the silver item on it .the chemical reaction cleans the silver and it dosent rub off epns like duraglit i also use it on a silver kettle. ps you pour boiling water over the whole lot it works like magic  be careful to test a small item first good luck
Posted by (, 9 December 2003
I'm fascinated to hear that someone actually uses this method kgs, I've really never heard of it. I wonder what chemical reaction goes on to clean the silver. It obviously works if your using it on your wife's pride and joy. Thanks for posting the info, I'll try it out sometime and see if it works Wink

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