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Wakefield Area

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 30 March 2004
Is there anyone in the Wakefield or surrounding area wanting to sell off part of their round.I aint doin too well with the canvassing.(Everyone seems to already have a window cleaner)
Either post on here or email me at
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 30 March 2004
Takes time to start an wc business up i think. I have been going for an month now and have not got loads of work. I can see why wc come and go so quick.

Keep trying dont give up i am sure you will get there.

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 30 March 2004
Hi Pete,

Have you tried any new estates being built near you? Contact the site agent or show house to get your foot in the door - literally! Remember to ask the site agent where his next job's going to be once that one's finished.

Look in the property pages of your local paper for the new ones opening up.  It might be worth going in at a cheap price to keep the show house sparkling, if you can get the nod for when buyers are taking on their new house.

Thankyou - that'll be a fiver  Wink
Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 30 March 2004
Thanks guys,yeah I was thinking about new estates.
Suppose Im just getting a bit impatient,been doing it over a month now and only got 10 clients.And yes I am doing cold calling but they all say same,(sorry luv we already have a cleaner).
Posted by fez (fez), 30 March 2004
Hi Pete.

I struggled a bit at first, why don't you try a leaflet on a hospital notice board?
I did (my wife works there) and got around 20 new customers all over town. From those 20, when I started doing them (always clean new customers on a Saturday) I picked up at least three times that on each street.
On one street, I started with one house and now, six months later I do over 30. All from a free poster!

Oh and I've always found I had poor results from leafleting.

Keep trying.

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