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Adding Value With Extra Services

Posted by heritagecleaning (heritagecleaning), 3 February 2004
I run an office cleaning business and am trying to think of ways to diversify.
Supplying toilet rolls etc. is the obvious one, but any more ideas?


Posted by cleaning (cleaning), 3 February 2004
Lighting supplies and re-lamping
Carpet/upholsrery cleaning
Computer cleaning
Sanitary disposal
feminine hygiene products
Window cleaning
Telephone sanitising
Security etc etc
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 3 February 2004
I agree with 'cleaning', all these are good ways of increasing revenue - alot at higher margins than the actual cleaning itself.

A word of caution about re-lamping. If you do go down this route ensure that it is carried out by a suitably qualified electrician (a team of 2 if working at height).

I remember a claim against Toys r Us where a manager had instructed an unqualified member of staff to change some lamps. He suffered an electric shock. Toys r Us were heavily fined. They now use a specialist company to carry out this work.

Others to add to your list could include dust mats and roller towels, laundering of tea towels and hand towels, stripping and sealing hard floors, high level cleans etc.

We even supply a couple of bunches of flowers to one of our clients on a weekly basis.


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