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Turbo brush

Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 24 November 2003
Where can i purchase a turbo tool for my sebo chemspec want 63.44 Shocked
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 24 November 2003
The obvious place is Sebo themselves or one of their dealers. But try B&Q Warehouse. Last time I was there, they had lots of different attachments in different sizes for most machines. It may just work for you.
Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 24 November 2003
I enquired about one at my Sebo dealer, they told me to save my money as they do not work as one would wish!!!
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 24 November 2003

Are you saying BQ trade warehouse deals in cleaning equipment?
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 25 November 2003
Well, vacuum cleaners and accessories, or they were about a year or two ago when I called at one in Halesowen. We've got a new one close by now, but I haven't checked it out yet.
Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

Posted by Robert_O (Robert_O), 26 November 2003
I have a Kirby Turbo Brush and I would not be without it, as it takes the effort out of vacuuming curtains and upholstery.


Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 26 November 2003
found one on this site

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