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Does anybody use Water softners for van mounts?

Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 2 February 2004
I am interested to learn if any body has fitted their van mount with a water softner to prevent scaling up.
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 2 February 2004
This does depend on whether you work within a hard water area,I don't but have met other truckmount users that do use a water softener to keep the machinery running and stop it from furring up.
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 2 February 2004
I've got a water softener fitted in my van, its a manual system that i flush out with salt every 100gls.

I bought it because we have very hard water and i use a diesal burner to heat my water, the burner used to get scaled up and block the pressure bypass.

why you asking?

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 2 February 2004
As I live in a hard water area, I did consider having one installed in the van looking at there cost and space required in the van, I choose to have one installed in my home although a bit dear, I feel Iíve benefited both in ways, you donít have to de-scale so often, some times Iíd had to do it every/other week which cost in de-scalar, now hardly ever but I do blow the water system out as you still get particles in the water.

A college of mine also runs t/mís heís always de-scaling mainly round my house; heís a great cc but knows nothing about machines.


Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 2 February 2004

An 'old stager', even older than me...once advised me that I should use a small amount of Calgon (purchased from your local supermarket) in the rinse tank.

Calgon is a water softener and should help in portable machines...makes the water feel very soft....wash in it and your skin will feel as soft as....  I was going to say 'a babies bottom' but you have to watch what you say these days.... so let's say as soft as silk....that's more politically correct....I think!

Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 2 February 2004
To the Old Master (I thought this was Derek or Kens title) Grin

I had a Kinetico block salt softener installed in the van. I live in a hard water area and very quickly my Performer started to scale up. The softener is plumbed in so that tanks water and the direct water feed are softened. The unit takes 2 blocks of salt which last about a month. The only downside is that after every 60 gallons of water runs through it iwill dump 11 gallons into my waste tank as it recharges. This does not interfere with the cleaning process but it wastes water which is not good if there is no supply on site. That said I can (and do ) turn the softener off if I think that water is scarce.

The best thing is I have had no scale problem for 6 years and lots of lovely soft water to clean with.

Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 2 February 2004
I remember the times when we lived in hard water areas - furred up kettle, stained pans, bits in your cup of tea, crusted up washing machine inlet  furred up hot water tanks and water thats harder to clean with. I wouldnt want that again, thankfully here in Lancs its soft water with none of those problems.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 3 February 2004
Why thank you Nigel,

My interpretation of an 'old master' is something that is old, perhaps flakey in parts, covered in attic dust but worth could be right! Wink Grin

Cheers 'mate'


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