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Host sponge systems

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 18 February 2004
Hi gents

I have been trying a couple of different host sponges out tonight on the cellar carpet , i do not have a host machine I used various levels of agitation and dwell times.

I don't have the proper host sponges , I have some free envirodri and a pack of zorb sponges, but can they be that different.

I can see the sponges are removing some soliling but I can't see any remote comparison to HWE am i expecting too much from this kind of system, i believe it to be only maintainence and non wet cleanable carpets.

Don't you full time host chaps have trouble with this system, unstisfied cutomers , i was thinking of getting a second hand host machine to add to my services but i am not so sure now , i think i might stick to the powerbrush for agitaion of presprays.

You opinions and guidance gents always appreciated.
Posted by Petersullivan (Petersullivan), 18 February 2004
Hi alex i use host on alot of occasions, you cant compare other dry clean products to host , buy a small bag of host then brush in and leave to dwell and extract with a vacuum not quite the same as the freestyle but at least you will get a comparison, all systems have their place its up to you how high that is Lips Sealed
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 18 February 2004

Its so much fun hearing about your experiences Smiley

I can remember the exact same moment myself about 12 years ago. We taped up a corridor carpet and cleaned 1 side with HWE and 1 with Host.  We tried and tried and tried again but could not get a result with Host. That said I do believe that Host is for more regular cosmetic maintenance. If used in this way you will love it because you won't be able to tell how poorly it is cleaning Lips Sealed

I have an enviro dri system which I am thinking of selling if anyone is interested? Could bring to to the Watford day if anyone wants to see it.

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 18 February 2004
Unless i am on another planet it is appearing that host really is a load of old balls.

Thanks chaps for your advice


Posted by Robert_O (Robert Olifent), 18 February 2004
I do not know from experience but I hear that the newer generation of Host dry cleaning is far more effective than the older systems.

The older host systems are brilliant to aggitate the pre spray and loosen soiling prior to extraction.

A very useful piece of kit.


Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 19 February 2004
on 02/18/04 at 21:26:56, ALEXDH wrote:
Unless i am on another planet it is appearing that host really is a load of old balls.

No Alex, they're a load of old corn-cobs.

The VLM systems do most definitely have their place and are invaliable for the more problematic natural fibres.

For the types of carpet we most commonly encounter, I concider them to be suitable for 'maintenace' cleans - although I prefer bonnet buffing in terms of cost and time, and maybe also cleaning efficiency.


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