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Advert: Hydro Dynamix

Posted by Ray_Young (Ray_Young), 8 March 2004
I own/run a cleaning company and have personally down time all my work is between 6pm and 7am am which my staff do and am looking to expand into the domestic carpet cleaning side of the market, I have some literature of Hydro Dnamix which are a franchise co and it looks very impressive dose any one know of this company?


Posted by Hydro-Dynamix (Hydro-Dynamix), 9 March 2004
Hi Ray
Hope I can help you on your query with respect to Hydro-Dynamix.  I am James, a director of Hydro, and run the business with my colleague, Mike.  Hydro-Dynamix is a young franchise company with a very different take on franchising to the others in the market.  Our franchisees operate truck mount machines which are much more powerful and versatile than portables and enable them to tackle any cleaning job in a fraction of the time.  Our business model is different to the rest insofar as we don't take percentage royalties and we don't put a big mark up on solutions - in fact we don't even sell them.  We ask for a flat monthly fee and have so far been able to supply franchisees with significantly more work each month than we charge.  We are continuing to build a high quality customer base prepared to pay very well for a superior service in both reactive and planned maintenance cleaning.  They know that the Hydro-Dynamix operators who attend will take ownership of the job, deliver the best service and be completely reliable.  We take a margin on the business we pass out to the network so we have to ensure that the rate is good enough for our franchisees to want to do it.  If we don't have work to give out, we don't make any money.  Franchisees are meanwhile able to build a local business with a mixture of domestic and commercial work.  We are very supportive of this since we believe that business generated locally, which will lead to repeats and referrals, is of greater importance to the franchisee than the work we supply, in terms of the eventual value of their business.  We offer full support from head office, including technical, sales & marketing, telesales and administration, paid for out of the flat rate fee.  
If you are interested, please get in touch and I'll be happy to send you an information pack.  We will also be at the British & International Franchise Show at Wembley on 2nd - 3rd April on Stand F237, and at Business Startup 2004 at the NEC in Birmingham on 8th - 9th May (Stand F2Cool.  We'd be delighted to see you there!  Call me for a ticket or more info on 0800 169 0284.


Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 9 March 2004
Can we remind members that if they post messages using different user names they can be identified by their IP address!!!

You know who you are (and so do we!)
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 March 2004
Forum admin, are you saying this is some cheap attempt to get  free advertisng for their franchise Roll Eyes

surely a reputable company would'nt stoop  so low as to try such a trick. all I can say is if this is true I would'nt touch this company with a bargepole, I think I'll invest my money in a Chemdry franchise Wink

Posted by Dennis (Dennis), 9 March 2004
on 03/09/04 at 17:17:20, mike_halliday wrote:
I think I'll invest my money in a Chemdry franchise Wink


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!  Grin

I'm still having nightmares and wetting the bed!!!!   Shocked Grin
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 March 2004
Dennis, it must be a good idea because another chemdry has just started in my town (Simply Chemdry, good luck if you're reading this Smiley ) thats 3 of them in a 2 mile radious Shocked

James hope you did'nt mind my little joke Cheesy  did I read last year Hydro Dynnamix won the contract to clean all the UCG cinemas?

Posted by Dennis (Dennis), 9 March 2004
on 03/09/04 at 17:54:21, mike_halliday wrote:
Dennis, it must be a good idea because another chemdry has just started in my town


It was a good idea for me too when I started in 1990 but in my opinion they changed way beyond what I bought into. Anyway water under the bridge now, i've been out for three years and am miles happier.

Something to think about for those thinking of franchises, how would you feel if after building up your business for 10 years, the franchise changes beyond recognition to what you bought into?

Posted by DP (DP), 9 March 2004
Well thatís interesting, in respect of changes as I have been looking at Hydro Dynamix for a while and have met with them. Problem was that I couldnít make the numbers work under the management fee structure, however they have only just changed this to a flat rate fee (like I was told last week).

The equipment is Prochems smallest pup, which would be very limited in respect of graffiti removal and pressure washing as proclaimed as part of the services offered. Also the franchise region was very small ie approx 60, 0000 households (compared to the national average of 120,000 except for Chemdry about every10 households with them, I reckon)

Re the double posting "James surely not"! however you couldnít compare even this to Chemdrys business logic or tactics re selling franchises (another £26k bites the dust whoever that was has my condolences).

Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 9 March 2004
james now that youve had your plug you may as well give us a website address Wink
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 March 2004
after you've paid their franchise fee these are the prices you'll charge ( I've copied this of their website) do a search for 'hydro dynamix'

Because our 'Truck Mounted' cleaning system is so efficient, the cleaning time is cut to an absolute minimum. This reduces the costs to our customers and makes our service very commercially competitive.

Here is an example of our typical prices for carpets:

  Living Room (12' x 15') £30.00      Through Room £40.00
  Three Piece Suite £70.00      Hall, Stairs & Landing £25.00
  3 Bedroom House £85.00      4 Bedroom House £95.00
All prices exclude VAT @ 17.5%    Minimum cost of a single job is £35.00  

Posted by des (des), 9 March 2004
Am i missing some thing here but i thought you were not aloud to advertise on this board and that your message would be removed like our good old friend from the usa (ed) Please i am not against advertising but can some one tell me the rule,s for every one. if its now ok to advertise MR CLEAN FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS HA HA   DES
Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 10 March 2004
I carn't understand the merits of Hydra-Dynamix giving out all the above. If you take alook at their website, there are more open areas than taken. At best I counted ten franchisees.

If he feels he needs to advertise on here lets see some figures.

How long has the franchised model been in place?

What is the churn rate?

What is the averge turnover of each franchisee?

What is the profit on each business?

What national accounts do you hold?

How many franchisess have gone bust?

This business is  a carpet cleaning business, and with the prices that they qoute for cleaning, you be running round like a headless ckicken to to stay afloat.

Posted by Hydro-Dynamix (Hydro-Dynamix), 10 March 2004
Hi Guys (and Girls!)
Firstly I apologise if my post was misconstrued as an advert; I was directed to respond to Ray Young's post which was spotted by one of our franchisees.  I guess I got carried away.  

Anyway, looks like I've created a bit of interest, so I'll try and give answers some of your posts:
1. Please feel free to have a look at the website if you want, it's at HOWEVER, it is completely out of date, totally the wrong design (I HATE flash sites, especially those that give you a headache with twirly images which this one does) and I am trying to find the time to take it down and start again.  Much of the information on this site should be ignored since it is not current.  On reflection, I think I'll just take it down and put up a holding page...
2. Cinemas - yes we have a contract, but no, it's not UGC.
3. Has this franchise company changed? - Yes, it was originally set up by Adam Swan.  He has now left the company and we are taking it in a very different direction.  We think our changes are of huge benefit to the franchisees, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?
4. Graffiti removal: We use technology rather than brute force - knowledge is a great weapon in graffiti removal.  However I would agree that a bigger machine would give a better flow rate that might make the work fractionally quicker.  The rates we can achieve are still very good though - better than carpet cleaning (and I am not referring to the rates on the website!).
5. Our franchise territory is sold as a minimum of 60,000 User Delivery Points, however you get a primary and a reserved territory for your money, i.e. 120,000+.  If another franchisee wants to buy your reserved territory you have first refusal over it.  We don't charge for it (apart from documentation costs), but you then have to pay the flat rate royalty on it.  If you don't take it you are allocated another reserve territory, subject to availability.
6. Prices charged:  Like every business we are flexible on prices.  Some of our guys charge £1.50 per m2, some charge £3.50.  It's your business, your prices!
7. The other big point is that we have developed the truck mount into a very versatile tool to clean anything, not just carpets and upholstery.  Some guys focus on doing just that, but most like the variety that we can offer.
8. Re Catman's questions: This isn't really the forum to go into this sort of detail, but I'd be happy to answer your questions if you give me a call.

Once again, sorry if I have 'misused' this board, I have attempted to respond factually to as many of your posts as possible.  I will not make any comments about competitors - I don't think that would be appropriate!


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